LGBTQIA+ Experience at WP

As a part of William Paterson's commitment to promote a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all genders and sexual identities, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion works in collaboration with the Women's Center to validate the experiences and serve the needs of the LGBTQ community.

Gender & Sexual Identity Resources at William Paterson University:

  • Support Groups
  • Training and Workshops
  • Chosen Name & Pronoun Practices
  • Student Health and Wellbeing
  • All Gender Bathroom Map

Academic Resources:

  • Transgender Studies Program
  • Women & Gender Studies Program
  • Cheng Library Research Guides: Compiled by WPUNJ librarians, all of the resources found within these research guides are available online. These guides are not intended to be a comprehensive resource but rather a good starting point for research. Please feel free to make suggestions for additions to the guides.
  • Teaching Beyond the Gender Binary in the university classroom (Vanderbilt University)

Pronouns at WP

Using an individual’s pronouns correctly is a way to continue to practice inclusion and foster belonging at William Paterson University. By respecting others’ pronouns, you recognize their sense of self and affirm the humanity of all members of our community, specifically transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, gender questioning, and other gender-diverse members of our community.

Pronouns are how a person wants to be referred to in the third person. Examples of pronouns include, but are not limited to:




they/them/their and she/her/hers (used interchangeably)

they/them/their and he/him/his (used interchangeably)

ze/hir/hirs, and other gender-neutral pronouns.

Misgendering is incorrectly referring to a person’s gender by assuming their gender identity; often this is done by using the wrong pronouns for a person. Misgendering someone can be done intentionally or unintentionally, and it can have long-lasting harmful impact.

Changing First Name On Rosters & ID CARD

Students and Employees who wish to use an affirmed/preferred first name may now do so by updating their information in the “My Profile” page in WPconnect. After updating in WPconnect it may take a full business day to propagate to the systems that support the affirmed/preferred first name.

Prospective students may provide an affirmed/preferred first name on the admissions application.

 Places Where Affirmed/Preferred First Name is Displayed

  • WPconnect
  • Email Display Name
  • Blackboard
  • WPconnect Faculty and Advisor Dashboard including the advisee listing
  • Banner Query Pad
  • Housing Management System
  • Banner 9 Self-Service
  • Student ID Cards upon request
  • Degreeworks
  • Starfish
  • CBoard ID Card System
  • Campus Labs Engage (student clubs and activities)

Changing first name and display pronouns in Zoom

You can change your first/last name and display your pronouns to your Zoom profile so that, when logged in, this will be your displayed name in a Zoom meeting.

Login to your WPUNJ Zoom account:

  1. Under "Profile", select Edit in the first section with your photo and name.
  2. Enter your First Name and Last Name as you would like it to be featured and add your pronouns in parentheses after your last name. Example: PIO Paterson (they/them)
  3. Save Changes

After you save changes, your name and pronouns will be updated in the Display Name field and show up as your display name for future Zoom Meetings, as long as you are logged into your WPUNJ Zoom account.  Alternatively, you can update your name and pronouns during each Zoom Meeting by renaming yourself in the participant list. 


LGBTQIA Resources

African American Resources
Blacklight Online | Black LGBTQ magazine
National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition | Advocacy and education organization for Black gay men
National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC)| Civil rights organization for Black LGBT/SGL people
Zuna Institute | Advocacy organization for Black lesbians

Chican@ and Latin@ Resources
Latino GLBT History Project | Collection of LGBT historical archives
Latino USA | Podcast of LGBTQ Latinx stories
Unity Coalition | Advocacy and education organization for LGBT equality

Native American Resources
NativeOUT | Organization for indigenous LGBTQ/Two-Spirit people in North America
Native Youth Sexual Health Network | Education and advocacy organization for indigenous youth

Asian American Resources
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance | Advocacy and education organization
API Equality-LA | Asians and Pacific Islanders for LGBT Equality; coming out resources

Jewish Resources
Jewish LGBT Network | Social and support organization that maintains a list of LGBT-affirming synagogues
JQInternational | Advocacy and support organization for LGBT Jews and allies
JQYouth | Support organization for LGBT Jewish youth and their families
Keshet | Advocacy organization for the full integration of LGBT Jews into Jewish life

Muslim Resources
Queer Muslims | Resource and narrative-sharing blog for LGBTQ Muslims
The Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity | Support and advocacy organization for LGBTQ Muslims
Queer Ummah: A Visibility Project | Collection of personal stories by queer Muslims
The “I Am Not Haraam” Project | Resource and storytelling blog by and for LGBTQ Muslims

LGBTQIA Resources for Athletes

Outsports | National LGBT sports news source
Campus Pride Sports Index | Equity in Higher Education in Sports 
Athlete Ally | Allies for LGBT+ athletes, professional and collegiate
You Can Play Project | Promoting respect for all athletes
NCAA Office of Inclusion | NCAA resources and information