How to Apply

How to Get a Job on Campus

  • Attend one of the scheduled Student Employment Workshops or view the online Student Employment Webinar.
    • Within 48 hours of attending the workshop or completing the webinar, you will receive an email containing your eligibility for federal work study and follow-up instructions.
    • You must attend one of these information sessions before beginning to work on campus under the Federal Work Study Program.
    • If you are not eligible for Federal Work Study, you can still look for a job on campus under the Student Assistant Program. 
  • Access the Trailblazer: Job & Internship Portal.
    • This link is available via WP Connect > Students > Campus Life
  • Visit the web page for the Career Development Center.  
    • On-campus job opportunities are posted regularly.
  • Inquire at individual offices and departments about available positions. Contact the department(s) of interest to apply and schedule interviews

Got an interview?

  • Bring a copy of your Student Eligibility Form to your interview to be completed by the hiring supervisor. (You will receive this via email after after attending a student employment workshops or viewing the online webinar.)
  • If hired, your supervisor must complete the bottom portion of Student Eligibility Form. Student and supervisor must also complete a Hiring Addendum Form. If your supervisor does not have a copy of this, you can obtain one from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Submit the Hiring Addendum Form, Signed Student Employment Handbook Agreement along with all required forms and documents to the Student Employment and Human Resources Office.

For more information, visit the Career Development Center.