Information for Supervisors

If you would like to post an on-campus job with the Office of Career Development contact: Mary Alice Barrows or Pauline Assia to:

Assist you in Posting the Opportunity
Provide instructions/training for managing your Employer Account
Each position should have a job description including:

  • Name and Location of the employer
  • The duties and responsibilities
  • Job qualifications
  • Name of the supervisor
  • How to apply

Contact the Office of Student Employment, Human Resources and Payroll if you are unsure of answers to any of this information.

Hiring Procedures

  • Attend one scheduled 45 minutes employment workshop/ information session
  • Seek Job on WP Job Connect via
  • Inquire at individual offices and departments about available positions.
  • Wait for email containing the student eligibility form within 48 hours of attending employment workshop.
  • Contact department(s) of interest to apply and schedule interviews
  • Go on interview (s) with a copies of student eligibility form to be completed by hiring supervisor
  • If hired, supervisor must complete bottom portion of student eligibility form, student and supervisor must complete a Hiring Addendum Form.
  • Submit the Hiring Addendum Form, Signed Student Employment Handbook Agreement along with all required forms and documents to the Student Employment and Human Resources Office.

Students must also read the Student Employment Handbook prior to signing their Student Employment Handbook Agreement and beginning work.

These forms can also be obtained from the Student Employment Office in Morrison Hall Suite 101 or the Office of Human Resources in College Hall Room 150

Questions can be directed to Zoya Barry-Chastanet and Dayana Nunez in the Student Employment Office at 973-720-2185 or 973-720-2186 respectively.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Deans, Administrators and Faculty employing students are responsible for their respective student workers.

Students should not be permitted to begin employment unless they provide a copy of their completed employment application and first timesheet.

Students cannot be easily reassigned; therefore, the Departments should hire only those who are best qualified for the positions.

Students must always be under the supervision of a Full-time or Part-Time employee. Supervision includes providing meaningful work situations, informing students of their actual tasks, directly teaching them how to perform them satisfactorily, and keeping accurate student records of the quality of the work performed.

The following information must be maintained for all student employees by their Supervisors/Department:

  • Name
  • Address (home and campus)
  • Telephone (home and campus)
  • Copy of Hiring Addendum consisted of Class and Work Schedule

When students show a lack of regard for assignment, frequent absences, or prove unsatisfactory for other reasons, the supervisor should counsel the students and caution them that further occurrences may result in termination of employment.

Any action taken to terminate a student’s employment should be immediately reported to the Student Employment Office.

Upon the termination of a work assignment, a student evaluation form must be completed and sent to the Student Employment Office for each that is being terminated. Each student should be informed of the decision and reasons for termination by their immediate supervisor.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that students are not working while they are required to be in class.