Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of acts can perform?

A: Musical acts of all types are allowed to perform in the Center Cafe. Performers must be reminded that they are performing on a college campus to a diverse student / staff / faculty community. Content of the performance act must remain respectful throughout. All acts need approval by the HEP representative.

Q: Can I bring individuals from outside William Paterson University to play in my band?

A: The program is specifically designed to promote talents of WPU students. However, students / individuals from outside WPU can participate in your performance. It is a requirement that at least 1 member of the performance to be a WPU student for us to generate a payment.

Q: How do all members of my performance receive their payment?

A: One WPU student member of the act must complete state and federal W-4 forms and employment verification form and submit it to Kathi Mattei in the Offices of Hospitality Services, UC 100. That individual will receive the full payment for the performance and it will be their responsibility to distribute the funds among their fellow participants.Blank forms can be obtained by contacting the HEP representative. Students already working on WPU campus do not have to complete payroll forms, but must indicate their current campus employment status to the HEP representative.

Q: How do I obtain a P/A for my performance?

A: You must convey and schedule the need with the HEP representative. All performance will have a P/A setup by default. Standard setups include: 1 P/A with 4 channels / 2 mics / 2 mic cables. Spotlight may be available, but you will need to schedule it with the HEP representative ahead of time.

  • Note: Performers will be responsible for providing their own guitar cables and any additional equipment necessary.
Q: How long does it take for my performance payment to be processed?

A: Provided all the forms were completed, signed and submitted prior to the performance, the average time frame to receive a payment is two weeks following the performance date. Payments can be picked up by the performer (WPU student) who completed the forms, from Payroll Services, located in College Hall, Rm 130. To track the status of your payment, you can call 973-720-2885.

Q: How do I change the date / cancel my performance?

A: Please send an email to the HEP representative at least 48 - 72 hours prior to your scheduled performance.

Q: What happens if the campus closes on the day of my performance?

A: In case of an emergency closure, all performances will be cancelled. It will be up to the performer(s) to reschedule their event with the HEP representative