Health and Safety Committee

William Paterson University is committed to developing and implementing strong safety and health programs to prevent illness, injuries and accidents to the campus community. The University will comply with all applicable state and federal standards, laws and regulations, such as PEOSHA, DEP, EPA and NFPA for environmental health and safety.

The mission is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its faculty, staff and students. Educate and provide information to the campus community on safety and health issues by conducting seminars and training programs. Encourage faculty, staff and students to identify and report potential safety and health concerns at the University to the Health and Safety Committee.


Name Extension E-mail Department
TBA                 3366                           Facilities Management


Name Extension E-mail Department
William O'Brien 2154 Grounds Dept.
Jerry Petrullo 3369 Fire and Safety
Dr. Mukesh Sahni 3417 Science and Health
Bernard Suchit 3647 Art Dept
Allen Williams 3301 Commuter Services

Please notify one or more of the committee members if you feel there is an unsafe condition or health concern on campus or if you would like to place an issue on our agenda for discussion. We are here to try to help keep the campus community as safe and healthy as possible. Think safety first.