Team Directory


Ramzi M. Chabayta, Director, Payroll and Employee Benefits
Telephone Number: (973) 720-2835
e-mail address:

Oversees departmental operations, payroll tax administration and is the Banner Human Resources system administrator. Certifying Officer for the NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits. Administers the University's Electronic Timekeeping Systems. Oversees the State Health and Dental Programs and the University's Work Related Injury Program. 

Jeannine Evans, Assistant Director, Payroll and Employee Benefits
Telephone Number: (973) 720-2860
e-mail address:

Assist the Director in the operation of the day-to-day activities of the Payroll and Employee Benefits department. Responsible for processing payroll and all pension and tax shelter plans compliance and reporting. Administration of employee leave processes, health and dental benefits administration. Develops and prepares all human resource data management reporting and analytics.

Susan Piccirilli, Supervisor, Employee Benefits
Telephone Number:(973)720-2624
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Oversees the operations of the Employee Benefits Unit, Conducts new hire orientations and assists with general benefits counseling. Administers the University's Leave of Absence Programs.

Debbie Zayas, Senior Employee Benefits Specialist
Telephone Number:(973)720-2884
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Administers the Pension and Retirement Tax Shelter Programs, conducts new employee orientations for unclassified Staff, oversees the University's Tuition Assistance Programs and assists with General Benefits Counseling.

Ingrid Montoya, Benefits Specialist
Telephone Number:(973)720-2124
e-mail address: 

Responsibilities: Administers the State's Health, Prescription Drug, Dental and Dependent Care, Unreimbursed Medical, CommuterTaxSave and Vision Care Plans. Conducts new hire orientations for Classified Staff and oversees the University's Direct Deposit Program,

Debbie Andersen, Supervisor, Payroll Services
Telephone Number: (973)720-2191
e-mail address: 

Responsibilities: Oversees the operations of the Payroll Services Unit, oversees all payments to Adjuncts and Faculty including Overload and Special Program Payments.

Faith Mutch, Senior Payroll Specialist
Telephone Number: (973)720-2888
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Adminsiters the timekeeping function and leave balance accruals(sick, vacation, administrative leave and compensatory time) for all full time employees,

Melissa Speciale, Administrative Assistant
Telephone Number: (973)720-6305
e-mail address:

ResponsibilitiesAdministers the University’s Direct Deposit Program, processes Federal and State W4 Form changes, provides general information to employees and provides administrative support to department staff. 

Paola Duval, Payroll Specialist
Telephone Number: (973)720-2886
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Administers the timekeeping functions and leave balance accruals for part time and student employees. Oversees child support deduction processing.