Mission Statement


The office of Institutional Effectiveness advances William Paterson University’s mission and strategic goals by serving as the official source for information about the University’s academic programs and constituents. The office accomplishes this by taking a leadership role in ensuring the availability of accurate information that is useful, timely and accessible.  The information and analyses provided to University decision makers supports planning, institutional effectiveness and assessment efforts throughout the University.

The office also serves as the source of information for many of the University's external reporting requirements such as federal and state mandated reporting, information about the University sent to accrediting agencies as well as other for- and not-for-profit organizations that report information about the University such as college guidebooks and ranking surveys.  

William Paterson University’s office of Institutional Effectiveness has the Association for Institutional Research’s Code of Ethics as its guiding principle for professional standards & behavior.


The office believes information and information systems are fundamental to purposeful, meaningful institutional planning, research and effectiveness reporting.  Therefore the Institutional Effectiveness Office will:

  • Work collaboratively with offices involved in data management and serve as a data leader in implementing data governance principles to ensure the data used for official reporting purposes is accurate and reliable.
  • Have accurate and timely information easily available to respond to external requests for information about the University.
  • Provide accurate and timely information to meet University leaders’ planning, research, assessment and effectiveness requirements. 
  • Keep informed about the directions and trends in institutional research, information technology and higher education policy to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of our practices.
  • Provide leadership and service to our professional community.

Revised 2013