Frequently Asked Questions

The Print Services Office will provide services to all current faculty and staff members. All work must be for official University business or for the instruction of William Paterson University students only. Emeritus faculty who are teaching and/or performing services for the University can also request our services. The Office is currently unable to serve the Student Government Association and other clubs or student groups but will, if requested, attempt to direct those organizations to reputable outside vendors.

Authorized personnel can request Print Services by bringing their requests to us or mailing their requests to us via campus mail or the USPS. Our address is:

Print Services
William Paterson University of New Jersey
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470-2152

Depositing their requests in the Print Services drop box located in front of our building. Jobs can be deposited in this receptacle 24 hours a day. · Print requests can be emailed to the Print Services supervisor. They must include the job specifications and the attachment. Print Services currently accepts Word® or PDF® requests via email.

*Note: Currently the Print Services Office can generally print from electronic media in either Word® or PDF® formats. As in the past, camera-ready originals are acceptable as well.

The Print Services Office is responsible for the in-house reproduction and finishing of printed materials for use by departments and the offices of the University.
Electrostatic copying and photo-offset methods are employed to complete these tasks in a minimum timeframe.
The Print Services Office is committed to employing its resources in support of the University's goals of excellence and student success by providing printed materials to aid in the educational and administrative process and to reproduce information concerning University policies and safety issues.

Designated as Building #37 on the current University Campus Map, the Print Services Building is located on the upper tier of Parking Lot #1, adjacent to the Warehouse and behind the Central Maintenance Facility/Heating Plant.

WHEN….Hours of Operation
Fall and Spring Semesters Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Summer Hours (when in effect) Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 5:15 p.m

*Note: The Supervisor is often present beyond official closing time. Please call Extension 3497 to arrange pick-up, drop-off or to make inquiries if there is difficulty getting to the Print Services Office or contacting the Office during regular business hours.
The Print Services Office provides the following services to the University community:

  • Photocopying reproduction
  • Photo-offset reproduction
  • Minor correction/paste-up
  • Plastic comb and stapled binding
  • Folding
  • Cutting
  • Collating

The goal of the Print Services Offices is the accurate reproduction of printed documents for all academic departments, administrative and service offices and the Library. This work includes but is not limited to:

  • Departmental and administrative letterhead
  • Examinations
  • Class handouts and assignment sheets
  • Admissions materials
  • Fliers
  • Cards
  • Forms
  • Carbonless (NCR®) documents
  • Programs
  • Newsletter
  • Self-mailers
  • Directories and rosters
  • Manuals (for licensed software)

*Of course, departmental photocopies should be used to their capacity before considering the need for Print Services work.

WPU Print Services
Print Services charges back departmental budgets for services and materials it provides. In the past, Print Services has provided services to faculty and staff without requiring an authorization from the individual (s) responsible for the particular account. This has facilitated the process since it is sometimes a problem to obtain such authorizations, particularly for adjunct faculty. Print Services is continuing this policy for the present time. If, however, anyone responsible for a departmental budget wishes to restrict its use through authorizations or other means, please contact Gerry Van De Polder at X3497 or X3498.

The information listed below is furnished as a guide to most common charges. Please note that while all prices are current at this time, they are subject to change as additional supplies are purchased. Please also note that Print Services is responsible for in-plant printing only.
Charges are transmitted to the Business Services Office on a monthly basis. Records regarding a particular request are maintained only for 90 days. Thereafter they are discarded. Questions regarding invoicing and charges must be raised during that period.

The information listed below does not, nor is intended to, provide pricing information for any commercial printer or other vendor.
Select the required type of service from the list below to review the charges for that specific printing service.

  • Xerox
  • Photo Offset - One Color
  • Letterhead
  • Carbonless
  • Binding
  • Folding
  • Cutting

Scheduling Print Jobs
To clarify policies regarding the scheduling of print jobs and services, the following information and guidelines are offered. The accurate scheduling of work in our area can often prove elusive, since Print Services seldom receives advance notice on any but the largest jobs. Schedules and priorities must often be shifted to insure all materials are prepared in a timely manner. Nevertheless, we will attempt to meet all realistic deadlines. While the schedules listed below are for the most part accurate, we cannot predict or control the following situations.

  • ·Delays due to malfunctioning equipment. Repairs will be performed in the minimum possible time, but we are often at the mercy of those vendors who provide this service.
  • The large influx of work preceding the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Time-dated or emergency requests that address important issues to our students and staff.

As a general rule, the Print Services will assign the highest priorities to the following materials:

  • Emergency announcements affecting the welfare and safety of the University community
  • Time-dated materials which concern activities or performances on a specific date. Examples would include Arts and Distinguished Lecturer programs, University Day materials, etc.
  • Time-dated materials covering a specific period of time and vital to both student success and the efficacy of the educational process such as registration, financial aid, housing information, billing, etc.

The Print Services Office requires the following information/items to complete requests:

  • A camera-ready original of the work to be duplicated.
  • Valid Banner account cost center to which the work will be charged.
  • The number of copies/sets requested.
  • The type (color and quality) of paper to be used.
  • Any other services or special instructions ( folding, binding, etc.).
  • The time when the completed work is needed by. The Print Services Office will attempt to meet all realistic deadlines but cannot be responsible if such deadlines are missed due to equipment failure or schedule conflicts with other priority work.

Completed jobs can be retrieved from the Print Services building during operating hours or schedule for delivery via the University's Mail Services office. Please contact Mail Services to arrange for this service in advance.