Choose a Learning Community


The Cotsakos College of Business Learning community welcomes freshmen who have or may declare a major in business. This community enhances your preparation for success in business careers, help you make a successful transition to college, and provides a collaborative learning experience where students quickly get to know fellow students and faculty.

  • Take Economics and Management courses that fulfill requirements for your business major
  • Receive direction to help determine the right business major for you
  • Establish connections that help start your business career
  • Attend seminars with alumni and local business leaders


The College of Education Learning Communities are designed to help freshmen students prepare for a successful career in teaching. Students in this learning community will take courses together that contribute to both university and major core requirements. Learning community activities focus on preparing students to meet the demands of a 21st century teaching career.

  • Connect with other education students
  • Receive guidance on from education faculty, staff and student mentors that will help you navigate your choices and requirements in education
  • Attend Praxis training and teaching seminars
  • Become acquainted with student and professional organizations
  • Volunteer with our Professional Development Schools

Health Science

The Health Science Learning Communities are designed for freshmen pursuing Nursing, Athletic Training or Exercise Science majors. Students in these learning communities will take courses together that contribute to their major core requirements. In order to progress in both of these majors, students must earn grades in foundational courses such as Anatomy and Physiology that demonstrate potential for success in later courses. Participation in a learning community can help you achieve that success through scheduled study groups, peer support and tutoring. It is not all work, however! Learning community activities will also help you connect with professionals working in the health care realm as well as with you peers.

  • Connect with other health science students
  • Receive guidance on from faculty, staff and student mentors that will help you navigate requirements in major
  • Succeed in the most challenging courses with support from peers and tutors
  • Become acquainted with student and professional organizations
  • Participate in meet and greet events with health care professionals

Only Connect

One of the core values at WP is to “challenge our students, faculty, and staff to recognize their responsibility to improve the world around them, starting locally and expanding globally”. This learning community challenges students to think critically, use their imaginations, and encourages them to empathize with others. E.M. Forster wrote: “Only connect”; to empathize is to connect. In doing so, students will think of ways to improve the world – not only for themselves, but for everyone. One way this learning community helps students empathize and connect is to focus on films that communicate and/or promote positive social change in the world.

  • Connect with other students on campus and with the community through civic engagement activities.
  • Participate in off-campus field trips, such as visiting the Paley Center for Media
  • Attend film screenings, seminars, workshops and/or live television tapings
  • Become acquainted with relevant student and professional organizations
  • Volunteer with our Professional Development Schools


The PathFinders Learning Community welcomes all undeclared freshmen. Whether you live on campus or commute, you will take select courses with other students in the learning community and participate in out of class activities that will help you find your pathway to success at William Paterson University. PathFinders Learning community is an opportunity for you to get a head start on choosing your major, completing core course requirements, making friends and finding your direction. Your Pathfinders friends and experiences will support you throughout your college years and beyond.

  • Take courses together that satisfy core requirements
  • Identify Strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests that can be applied towards academic majors and career paths
  • Make connections with faculty, staff and student mentors
  • Participate in co-curricular activities that help you connect with other students and the community
  • Participate in programs and workshops that are specifically designed for the needs of undeclared students