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Statement of Individual Coalition Members Responsibility

United for Prevention in Passaic County seeks to create environmental change relating to substance abuse by promoting awareness, communication, and support for all county residents.
General Expectations

I do hereby commit to:

  1. Know the coalition’s mission, vision, programs, and services. Continually work to develop and implement strategies, goals, policies and procedures that promote the coalition mission.

  2. Work to attract new members who can make significant contribution to the work of the coalition and reflect the diversity of the community.

  3. Fulfill commitments made, willingly undertake special assignments and consider serving leadership positions.

  4. Stay informed and follow the trends which could impact the mission of the coalition.

  5. Professionally reflect my membership on the coalition by my action within the community.

  6. Prepare for and participate in meetings and be active in at least one team.

  7. Serve the community as a whole rather than any special interest group or constituency.

  8. Never accept or offer favors or gifts from or to anyone who is funded by the coalition or does business with coalition.

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