Online Prevention Trainings & Resources

Intro to SPF

Marijuana Leaf
Coalition Core Essentials (12 Modules)

Marijuana Leaf
Applying the Strategic Prevention Framework to Prescription Drug Abuse (10 Modules)


Intro to Abuse
Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention

What is SPF? An Introduction to SAMSHA's Strategic Prevention Farmework (5 Modules)

Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Prevention 101
Prevention 101

Needs Assessment

Community-Based Participatory Research

Public Health Program Planning 2: Needs and Assets

Using Logic Models in Public Health Programs

Education Development Center

Go get it!
Go Get It! Finding Existing Data to Inform Your Prevention Efforts (5 Modules)

Focus group
Focusing on Focus Groups (7 Modules)

Informant interview
Making the Most of Key Informant Interviews (4 Modules)

Empire State Public Health Training Center

Logic model
Introduction to Logic Models

Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Info gain
Info Gain: How to Describe, Detail and Advocate for Data Collection Surveys Webinar

Healthy People 2020

Public Health Program Planning

Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Crucial Planning

Planning: A Crucial Step in SPF Webinar

Empire State Public Health Training Center

Public Health Practice 1
Community Dimension of Public Health Practice: Module 1

Public Health Practice 2
Community Dimension of Public Health Practice: Module 2


drug disposal

Medicine Safety: Drug Disposal and Storage (3 Modules)


Public Health Program Planning: Implementation – Delivering Your Program

Indiana Prevention Resource

Implementation Challenges
Implementation Challenges: Retention & Fidelity Webinar

Implementation Challenges
Environmental Strategies

California Nevada Public Health Training Center

Public Health evaluator
Evaluating a Public Health Program

Public Health evaluator
Program Development & Evaluation

Sustainability and Cultural Competency
California Nevada Public Health Training Center:

Applying Behavior Change Theory to Public Health Programs

This training provides a basic orientation and overview of health theory, along with a rationale for using theory to design public health programs.

Empire State Public Health Training Center:
Cross Cultural Communication

Exploring Cross-Cultural Communication

Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Sustainability Solution

The Sustainability Solution Proactive Approaches for Community Coaltions

Prevention Sustainability

Prevention Sustainability: 6 Steps


Health Literacy & Communication Training Series

The Health Literacy & Communication Training Series is a collection of CDC webinars to help understand health literacy and communication in order to make appropriate health decisions. 

Health Communications in Tobacco Prevention

This is designed to describe health literacy and communication used in tobacco preventions.

Health Literacy Strategies

This will help participants learn how to use evidence-based health communication strategies and practices to improve behavior change for public health.

California Nevada Public Health Training Center:

Health Literacy & Public Health Series

This training series contains two modules on addressing health literacy and public health. Module 1 reviews how the public’s literacy skills affect interactions with medical and public health staff and Module 2 provides practical techniques for addressing literacy issues in spoken and written communications.

The Messenger Chronicle Series

The "Messenger Chronicles: Effective communication strategies for difficult conversations" presents a new framework for communication in difficult situations. Through realistic situations and real-world conversations, learners will experience communication strategies and practical techniques in context.

Communicate to Make a Difference Series

This series includes five modules on Cross Cultural Communication.