Dr. Rajiv Kashyap, Department Chair

V 3070, kashyapr@wpunj.edu, 973-720-3361


Bachelor of Science in Management

Career prospects for Management students are broad and varied, and offer a great deal of flexibility and value in the highly competitive and globalized business job market.  Cotsakos College of Business management majors are employed by both profit and non-profit organizations, and perform well in a variety of organizational positions, in both the manufacturing and service sectors. They have the knowledge and the skill set needed to successfully launch innovative ideas, effectively support strategic moves, and efficiently manage the operations of any organization. They typically hold positions in strategic planning, tactical implementation of plans, human resources planning and management, production and operations management, quality management, project planning and control, decision making, information and knowledge management, management consulting, and general management and supervision in a variety of industries.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

When you graduate from the marketing program in the Cotsakos College of Business, you'll be prepared for a wide variety of marketing careers.  Whether you want to study consumer behavior, manage customer services, conduct research on new products, work in retail operations, or develop promotional strategies, you'll be ready.  With the background you'll receive in international and domestic marketplaces, you can make decisions about product design and pricing, supply chain management, and how to communicate with potential customers here or around the world.  You may want to work for a major corporation or even start your own business.  There are opportunities to use your degree in fields like sports, healthcare, music, fashion, transportation, tourism, and social media.  You can also find position in non-profits like charities, art groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGO's).  No matter where your degree takes you, you'll go with a strong set of skills.