Department of History


The Department of History provides the opportunity for an undergraduate degree at the BA level. Historical studies offer a practical major or minor for students aspiring to careers in business, industry, finance, law, education, politics, and government. 

Learn more about each of our programs:

  • BA in History
    History majors can undertake a guided independent study in an approved subject of their choice; intern as curators and archivists at local museums and historical societies; participate in the activities of the History Club; and earn membership in the university's chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society.
  • Minor in History
    History has a clear subject-matter relationship to political science, literature, philosophy, music, and art; a history minor would make a valuable contribution to majors in those subjects. It is also of practical value to majors in communication (especially for careers in broadcast and print journalism), or accounting (business firms are especially interested in students with the research and analytical skills that history courses foster).
  • MA in History and Historical Studies (currently not accepting new students)
    The master of arts in history is designed for the twenty-first century. Through an innovative curriculum that focuses on global historical analysis and the integration of information technology into historical research and teaching, the program provides graduates with the skills necessary to communicate historical insights in a diverse and technologically advanced society.
Graduates have pursued careers in the following fields in education as teachers, principals, and librarians. The program has helped students begin careers in law and government as lawyers and public administrators. A degree in history also offers opportunities in business. Graduates have entered the fields of banking, insurance, real estate, and sales.