Rapp, Linda Department Secretary V3026 x2434




Abouk, Rahi

Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Economics V3033 x3908

Andreopoulos, Giuliana History of economic thought; early mathematical formulations of classical economics V3034 x3718
Basu, Sam Banking, corporate finance, new venture finance, economic deregulation, retirement finance, strategic financial management. V3039 X3538
Cai, Francis Investment analysis, asset valuation, corporate finance, capital structure analysis. V3028 x2178
Gritsch, Martin Immigration, executive compensation, teaching of economics and statistics V3046 x2977
Guo, Tao  Finance, financial planning V3037 x3892
Malindetros, Ioannis   V3035 x2221
Nagaraj, Priya International trade and industrial organization V3032
Panayides, Alexandros Department Chair; Effects of telecommunications technology on urban growth, effects of globalization on wages and employment. V3046 x2962
Ramin, Taghi Problems of less developed countries, urban and environmental problems. V3035 x2781
Snyder, Tricia Macroeconomics, monetary policy, financial regulation, public finance and tax policy. V3036 x2430
Swanson, Paul The determination of occupational wage rates. V3047 x2784
Verzani, Lawrence  Finance, financial planning V3040 x2650
Zhang, Chuanqian  Finance V3985  x3029
Zhang, Ge Corporate finance, investment, risk management V3039 x2411