University Core Curriculum

In Fall 2011, William Paterson University launched its new general education program titled University Core Curriculum (UCC). Students who began their course of study in 2011-2012 were required to complete 31-40 core credits across a rich spectrum of offerings that provided an intellectually sound foundation while emphasizing greater student choice, creativity, academic integrity and problem-solving in a changing world.

The UCC is a user-friendly curriculum for students, advisors and administrators. It is also unique among the New Jersey state colleges and universities, in that it boasts a three credit requirement in the area of Community and Civic Engagement (Area V). All William Paterson University students, in either their second, third, or fourth year, must now complete a three credit course offered under the Area V designation. These courses can be taken in a student's major where offered, or in any discipline of their choosing.

The American Democracy Project at William Paterson University celebrates this development as critical to fulfilling the University Mission Statement and the goals of the national American Democracy Project, sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), in partnership with the New York Times and the Carnegie Foundation.

ADP is honored to partner with the UCC Council of the Faculty Senate and the Senate's AREA V Review Panel for the purposes of faculty and course development. ADP is also dedicated to creating the tools and resources needed to match students, faculty and community partners with one another in the process of fulfilling this curricular requirement and beyond.