Exhibition: Textile Arts from Guizhou, China

October 17th — December 2nd, 2022
South Gallery & East Gallery, Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts


Jianshan Wang, Zhiyuan Cong, Casey Mathern

Hosted By

Guizhou University of Commerce
Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University
William Peterson University Art Galleries


Guizhou textile artists are renowned for their mastery of embroidery and indigo resist dyeing, also known as batik, and over centuries they have created a distinct visual language that continues to evolve in the hands of contemporary designers.

The elaborately embroidered festival costume of the Buyi, Dong, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang people is in part a result of their geographic isolation in the mountains of southwest China. Regarding art, its traditions have not been changed. However, while remaining true to its culture, it is not confined to the framework of folk art, nor is it obsessed with the realism of nature. Instead, it relies on the turmoil and desire of the original vitality towards refinement, abstraction and image sublimation, creating a very modern, expressive new work.

This exhibition brings together a selection of traditional textiles and new artworks utilizing resist dyeing, embroidery, and metalworking techniques by Chen Mei, Huang Di, Guo Jing, Ma Li, Pan Mei, Pan Taojie, Yuan Xiaole, and Zhang Sisi. Lenders to the exhibition include Guizhou Minzu University, Guizhou University of Commerce, Qiandongnan Vocational and Technical College for Nationalities, and the Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities.

For more information, please call the Center for Chinese Art at (973) 720-2799, or by visitng wpunj.edu/ccart. For exhibition viewing hours and locations, please call the University Galleries at (973) 720-2654, or by visiting wpunj.edu/coac/gallery.

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