Online Exhibition: Silk and The Silk Road from Hangzhou to Paterson

October 26th, 2022
South Gallery & East Gallery, Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts

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Feng Zhao , Zhiyuan Cong, Giacomo DeStefano

Hosted By

The China National Silk Museum
Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University
Paterson Museum


From the earliest silk unearthed in south China at Qianshanyang Site in Zhejiang Province, to Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions to open the Silk Road which connected Europe and Asia, and then to Patterson City, the “Silk City” of America on the other side of the ocean, diverse civilizations are exchanging and developing on the Silk Road.

Organized by China National Silk Museum, Center for Chinese Art of William Paterson University and the Paterson Museum, the online exhibition “Silk and The Silk Road: From Hangzhou to Paterson” is executed on the Silk Road Online Museum (SROM) “Online-Curating” platform and collects 84 artifacts from 41 museums in15 countries all over the world covering more than 20 kinds of materials.

Starting with Silk Weaving Painted in Hangzhou, the exhibition is divided into four chapters: “The Origin and Development of Silk” “Story of the Silk Road” “Europe: New Center of Silk” and“Paterson: Silk City in America”, and tells the origin, development, transmission of silk to the world.

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