Online Exhibition: The Unbounded Silk Road Art Works of Chinese-American Art Faculty Association

Online Exhibition

October 27th, 2022
South Gallery & East Gallery, Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts



Wei Dong, Zhiyuan Cong, Qian Li

Hosted By

Chinese-American Art faculty Association
Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University


Members of the Chinese-American Art Faculty Association are the first group of Chinese in history of Chinese art to stand on the forum of Western higher art education. They all have an international background in Chinese and western art and art education. Their vision, perspective, art appreciation, and presence all resonate with the international value and historical significance of the Eastern culture of China and Asia. As a group and as an organization, they represent the east in the west and are the main force in east-west cultural and art communication and exchange acting as a bridge in promoting art communication and development between the two cultures. They excel both in spreading the eastern essence of art in the western art world, bringing Chinese and eastern art and education to the international forefront, and actively absorbing the traditionally profound and realistic western art in their own artistic creation and theoretical exploration.

Unbounded Silk Road 2022 is with a focus on Chinese-American art faculty and their artworks. The exhibition will emphasize artistic and cultural integration and innovation. It is our hope that the artworks exhibited here will highlight the efforts of exploration and creation of our art faculty members in their journey of cultural communication, and will explore the roles of theories of art creation and practice in cross-cultural exchange.

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