MEd in Curriculum and Learning

Program Director:
Dr. Heejung An
Phone: 973-720-2280
Office: 1600 Valley Rd. Rm 4090

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Learning program offers five concentrations:

Program Description:
This 33-credit master’s degree program meets the professional development needs of inquiring educators who want to increase their knowledge and expand their career opportunities in one of five areas of specialization. Graduates in all concentrations are prepared to become classroom researchers and leaders with a commitment to equity and diversity in curriculum development and reform. They may continue working in the subject area of original certification or become eligible for additional certifications in another area of specialization. In addition, all concentrations include opportunities for taking a portion of the 12-credit New Jersey Supervisor’s Endorsement. One or two of the four required courses are embedded in each of the concentrations and two additional Educational Leadership courses may be taken during or after graduation to complete the endorsement. The program is challenging and includes an educational research master's thesis that explores the impact of their project on P-12 learning. Up to 9 credits in the program may be taken for non-degree credit or toward the 100 hours of professional development required of teachers in New Jersey every five years. Appropriate non-degree credits may eventually be applied to the master’s degree. Graduate assistantships are available for full-time students.

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Entry Requirements:

Each applicant must demonstrate that he or she can fulfill the requirements of the program, including the ability to read and write at a graduate level, the capability to do graduate level academic work, and an interest in educational theory and practice. Toward this end the requirements for admission are:

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended: A cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement may supplement their application with additional evidence in support of their academic potential for successful completion of the degree program)
  • A copy of a CEAS or standard teaching license (Program directors have discretion to waive this requirement based on unique circumstances).

Course Requirements: 33 Credits

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Learning requires the completion of 33 credits of prescribed graduate study in one of the concentrations including 6 credits in educational research culminating in the production of a master's thesis. The completion of a five (5) -chapter educational research master's thesis that explores the impact on P-12 learning in the field of specialization, produced as a capstone experience during Research in Education I and Research in Education II courses, is required. The completed research is shared orally upon the completion of Research in Education II. 

Required Common Courses:

Research Thesis Requirement (6 credits, both courses required; to be taken after completion of 24 credits):

  • ELCL 6290: Research in Education I (3 credits)
  • ELCL 6300: Research in Education II (3 credits)

Concentration Core (24 credits including related elective courses):

Exit Requirements:

  • The completion of 33 credits of prescribed graduate study for all concentrations.
  • The completion of a five-chapter educational research master's thesis that explores the impact on P-12 learning in the field of specialization to be developed during Research in Education I and Research in Education II for 6 credits as part of the 33-credit requirement.


Scholarships & Grants:

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Concentration Contacts


Dr. Gladys Vega
Phone: 973-720-3654
Office: Main Campus, Atrium 217

Early Childhood

Dr. Anita Kumar
Anita Kumar
Office: Valley Rd. rm 4097

School Library Media

Dr. Ellen Pozzi
Phone: 973-720-3784
Office: Valley Rd. rm 4028

School Nursing

Dr. Karen Phillips
Phone: 973-720-3406 
Office:University Hall rm 329


Dr. Heejung AnPhone: 973-720-3973
Office: Valley Rd. rm4090

Dr. Sandra Alon
Phone: 973-720-3973
Office: Valley Rd. rm4025

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