From: Richard J. Helldobler, PhD, President

To: William Paterson University Community

Date: December 19, 2018

Subject: Strategic Plan Update

The Update Report at Year Six of the Strategic Plan 2012-2022 has been submitted by Committee 2022, the group charged with the annual review of our progress on the five goals.  The report is presented for your review; click here to view. This report will permanently reside on the Strategic Plan webpage to document the progress made over time.

I want to thank the members of Committee 2022, listed below, who reviewed materials submitted by divisional vice presidents and compiled a concise report that outlines the gains we have made and areas where additional work is needed. I hope you will read the report and use it as a basis for discussion within your department or unit, to consider how we might continue to move the University forward.

These update reports will become part of the artifacts reviewed by the Middle States Visiting Team during the site visit in 2021.

Committee 2022

  • Oliver Alvarado, Student
  • Steve Bolyai, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Dara Buendia, Student
  • Miki Cammarata, Vice President for Student Development and co-chair
  • Mary Ann Cooper, Alumni Executive Council representative
  • Pam Ferguson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Stuart Goldstein, Vice President for Marketing and Public Relation
  • Jonathan Lincoln, Associate Provost and co-chair
  • Ian Marshall, Chairperson of the English Department
  • Stephanie Quackenbush, Women’s and Gender Studies and CWA President
  • William O’Brien, Grounds Department and IFPTE President
  • Jennifer Owlett, Communication Department
  • Denise Robinson-Lewis, Director of Human Resources and Chair, Director’s Council
  • Reg Ross, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Arlene Scala, Chairperson of Women’s and Gender Studies and Chairperson of the Faculty Senate
  • Venkat Sharma, Dean of the College of Science and Health
  • Sue Tardi, Sociology Department and President of AFT Local 1796