November 9, 2020

Dear William Paterson Faculty and Staff,

With just over two weeks until the end of the Fall semester, I want us all to be thinking about how we will stay connected over the extended winter break that will follow – especially when it comes to keeping students connected to faculty advisors and professional advisors.
It is our expectation that advisement will continue over the break, with the exception of the period when the University is closed, namely Wednesday, December 25 - January 1. Other than the closure period, students must be able to communicate with their advisors on any relevant matters with timely responses, especially regarding course registration for the Spring semester. For any faculty member with planned vacation or furlough days, please make arrangements with your supervisor/Department Chair to ensure response coverage, and include such information in your automatic out-of-office reply. Deans’ offices must be in support in a circumstance where both a faculty advisor and Chair are on vacation or furlough. 
Thank you for your attentiveness to this critical matter at a moment when our relationships with our students and support for navigating their re-enrollment is crucial.
This week’s WPWe are Proud – When gauging how the semester is going, I talk often about how long it’s been since our return to campus. Of course, many William Paterson employees never left. From the time in March, when much of our operations went remote, through today, our essential employees have been on campus every day to ensure that it is secure and well-maintained and that our community is safe.
In particular, I want to thank Director of Public Safety and University Police Charles Lowe and his team of police, security officers, guards, and support personnel for ensuring our safety. Charles co-chairs our Reopening Committee, and his team have dealt with many new pandemic-related protocols, including managing the county-wide testing center that operated on campus in the spring and summer. 
Thanks also to Director Jim Shelley and his entire Physical Plant Operations team, and Director Becky Baird and the Residence Life custodians, who have all stepped up to handle the extra work required to prepare the campus for our August return and continue to maintain a clean, safe environment for our community.
Thanks to all our essential workers for everything you do for William Paterson!
Have a great week.
Richard J. Helldobler, PhD