Audio/Visual Services

The University Commons offers flexible space for activities and events.  These spaces include a ballroom equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual (A/V) presentation equipment to enhance the programming needs of the campus community.

The information below will help you understand the A/V services the University Commons can provide for your event.

For all A/V related questions, please contact 

Ballroom AV

Projector & Screen VGA HDMI XLR  Wireless Handheld Mic Wireless Lapel Mic Podium with Wired Mic  Wired Mics Conference Microphones Roku Capabilities  Stage Lighting and/or Gobo Lighting
UC 325 x x x
UC 327 x* x x
UC 216 x
UC 211 x x 4** x
UC 202 x
UC MPR x x x 4 1 1 x 4 30 x x
UC Arcade x x x 2 2 x x
UC 168A 1 x x 2 x 2
UC 168B 1 x x 2 x 2
UC 168A/B 2 x x 4 x 4
UC 171A 1 x x 2 x 2
UC 171B 1 x x 2 x 2
UC 171A/B 2 x x 4 x 4
UC Ballroom A 1 x 4 5 5 x 4 30 x x
UC Ballroom B 1 x 4 5 5 x 4 30 x x
UC Ballroom C 1 x 4 5 5 x 4 30 x x
UC Ballroom AB 2 x 4 10 10 x 4 30 x x
UC Ballroom BC 3 x 4 10 10 x 4 30 x x
UC Ballroom ABC 4 x 4 15 15 x 4 30 x x

Large 46" HD Flat Screen Monitor - No projector

** Portable sound system in the room at all times All mics are handheld OR lapel. We CANNOT combine handheld + lapel for more mics.

The University Commons Ballroom is equipped to host your hybrid event if you would like to meet both in person and virtually. Below are the procedures for hosting a hybrid event

  • You or your team will have to have a representative create and operate a Zoom/Microsoft Teams Meeting  from the floor during the event. After the Zoom/Microsoft Teams link is created, please share it with
  • The University Commons staff will join the session as a participant (linking our AV system to the call) and with that provide a fixed perspective camera that will be focused on the podium or stage.
  • If you would like another camera perspective at the floor level, our team can also set up a Hovercam on the laptop that your representative will use to monitor the Zoom/Microsoft Teams feed. This allows you to “Spotlight” the different cameras as needed.
  • On the day of the event, University Commons Operations staff will have everything set up and tested.
  • Once everything is up and running to your satisfaction, we will leave it running until the event begins and the representative on your team monitoring the Zoom/Microsoft Teams call can approve the attendees into the session at the desired time.
  • If you would like to save a recording of your presentation, please plan on recording the presentation on the laptop you are operating the Zoom/Teams meeting from.  UC Operations staff is not responsible for recording presentations. 

For events held in our regular meeting and conference rooms, we can provide you with a Hovercam that will allow your virtual guests to see and hear the presentation.  

If at any time you need assistance during your hybrid event, staff is available by contacting the Information Desk at 973-720-2292

We are excited to offer Assistive Listening solutions in the UC Ballroom* using Listen Technologies. This wireless system sends event audio directly to headphones, hearing aids, or cochlear implants without amplifying ambient noise.

To use this solution:

  1. Let a UC Operations staff member know you’d like to use the assistive listening technology. Contact them at 973-720-2292.
  2. Download the Listen EVERYWHERE app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  3. Once downloaded, connect to the ACCESSIBILITY (NO INTERNET) Wi-Fi network from your phone using password ListenWPU
  4. After connected to the Accessibility Wi-Fi enter the IP address manually in the app. You will then be connected the audio in the room.

*This service is only available in one Ballroom at a time.

$15/hour - for the duration of the event. Minimum charge - $30

Set-up and testing time could vary depending on the extent of the set up

30 minutes for set-up time and troubleshooting, 30 minutes for event breakdown

Lead time for scheduling – 7 business days

Large setups and breakout rooms, if scheduled, will require additional staffing at $16/hour