Parents and Family

As parents and family, the success of your future WP student is your top priority. Explore this page to learn about all the ways William Paterson provides support and opportunities for our students and helps jump-start their careers.

Great Careers Start Here

WP graduates go on to pursue an incredible variety of in-demand professions, earning $1 million more over the course of their careers than an individual without a bachelor’s degree, according to a recent study. Other traditional benefits of a college degree include greater access to healthcare, higher rates of home ownership, and improved family quality of life, among others.

See how William Paterson helps students achieve their goals and transition from classroom to career.

Average Starting Salary

Average Starting Salary for WP Class of 2020

Six months out of graduation

82% of WP alums employed or in graduate school within 6 months after graduation

Noteworthy Careers for WP Graduates Alumni Jobs (as identified on LinkedIn) and Median Mid-Career Salaries (according to PayScale, 10+ years of experience)

Princapal Software Engineer: $149,000 Advertising Creative Director: $98,500 Data Scientist: $113,000 Financial Analyst: $84,900 Secondary School Teacher: $50,100
Social Mobility

in Nation on CollegeNET’s 2021 Social Mobility Index

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