Internal Advisory Group

An internal advisory group, including faculty and staff from across disciplines and divisions, regularly reviews and recommends civic engagement programming that will help us achieve our civic engagement mission. The collaboration of academic and student development faculty and staff has increased knowledge of activities, fostered collaborations, and created processes to enhance student, faculty and staff civic engagement participation.

The advisory group is overseen by civic engagement co-coordinators:

Donna Minnich-Spuhler, Director, Office of Campus Activities, Service, and Leadership

Jonathan Lincoln, Associate Provost, Curriculum and International Education

Advisory Group Members

Vincent Parrillo, Professor, Department of Sociology, Graduate Director, Applied Sociology MA, Interim Director, Paterson Metropolitan Region Research Center

Toni LaSala, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Gina Guerrieri, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

Maribel Rodriguez, Associate Director, Office of Campus Activities, Service, and Leadership

Julie Rosenthal, Associate Professor, Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, UCC Community and Civic Engagement Review Panel Chair

Giuliana Andreopoulos, Professor, Department of Economics, Finance, and Global Business

Nancy Norris Bauer, Program Director, College of Education Professional Development Schools

Barbara Andrew, Executive Director of the Honors College

Nicole Davi, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science

Janis Schwartz, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Kathleen Torsney, Professor, Department of Psychology