Minor in Digital Music Creation and Arranging

This minor is for students interested in creating musical tracks for songs, for beat making, for animation, for sound scapes, and for video.  The two main courses - Digital Music Creation I and II - will step the student through the process of creating a complete and compelling musical production beginning with the very basics of digital audio workstations and ending with a completed album in collaboration with other musical creators. The use of the laptop as a complete production tool is the core of these courses.

This minor is open to all WPU students who have taken MUSI 1240 Music Fundamentals or possess similar music knowledge.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is basic song structure, time signatures, and harmony
  • How to create drum, bass, keyboard, horn, string tracks
  • How to create the best musical part for the song or soundtrack
  • How to choose the best sound for the musical part
  • How to manipulate sounds and create new ones
  • How to edit audio and recordings
  • How to record and edit vocals
  • How to recreate current production techniques
  • How to mix music


Required Courses Credit Hours
MUSI 1240 Music Fundamentals (or equivalent) * 3
MUSI 1510 Intro to Audio for Musicians  3
MUSI 3600 Digital Music Creation I  3
MUSI 3610 Digital Music Creation II  3
Total required Credit hours      12

Electives: Choose at least 6 credit hours from the courses below  Credit Hours
MUSI 2580 Electronic Music I  3
MUSI 2555 Audio Production for Songwriters  3
MUSI 1780 Contemporary Song Studies  3
MUSI 2780 Songwriting I (for Popular Music Majors) 3
MUSI 2790 Songwriting II (for Popular Music Majors) 3
MUSI 3500 The Art of The Producer  3
MUSI 2590 Electronic Music 2  3
MUSI 2620 Music Composition  2
MUSI 3680 Composition for Media  3
Total elective credit hours  6

Total credit hours - 18 

* The MUSI 1240 requirement is waived for all music majors.