Steps to Declare Education as a Major

About College of Education (COE) Students

  • Students may select an education major from their very first semester at the university but may not begin to take education courses until the first semester of their junior year after meeting certain requirements.
  • All COE students must obtain and maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (overall cumulative) and a 3.0 in their education major.
  • All COE candidates must declare a Liberal Arts or Sciences and the other in education. Candidates in Physical Education and Music will have only one major that is identified exclusively for education candidates.

How to Declare an Education Major (a minimum WPUNJ GPA of 3.0 is required)*   


  • Log onto WPU Connect and go to the “Self-Service” Tab.
  • Go to “Self-Service Quick Links” and under the “Academic Services” panel click on “Add/Declare or Change Major”.  Do not select “add a second major”. 
  • Under number 2, please click on the first line which reads:

                   “Education (You will need to choose a specific program next)

  • Then, select “Change/Declaration Major”.
  • Next, you will choose the appropriate education major (Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary)
  • Select “Change/Declare Major”.
  • A larger listing will appear, relative to the education major chosen. Select the desired program which will incorporate both majors and any desired endorsements. 

*Note: Incoming Freshmen and Transfer candidates must complete their first semester, establishing a WPUNJ GPA, to use the online change of major portal!

Online COE Checklist

Please visit the checklist frequently and plan for completion of each requirement to ensure eligibility to begin the professional sequence of courses in the education major.

  • Log onto WPConnect, located in the upper left corner of the WPUNJ homepage.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Username = typically the last name and first initial (Example: SmithJ).
  • Password = nine digit 855# or social security # (no spaces).
  • Click on the Self-Service tab, located on the top of the page.
  • Under Academic Services, select College of Education Checklist

  • Great teachers know their resources.  Many are availalbe for free to students at WPUNJ (Resources).
  • Professional Dispositions:  Teacher candidates at WPUNJ must acknowledge receipt, reading and adherence to the Professional Dispositions of the College of Education.  View the Professional Dispositions today on WPConnect in your education checklist.