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Did you know that most Liberal Arts majors do not work in their field after they graduate from College? (Omohundro, 2000). A Liberal Arts education provides students with knowledge and skills applicable to diverse career paths and occupations. Anthropology, Africana World Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, and Community Development and Social Justice majors work in areas ranging from education to marketing, social service, health care, journalism or research. They pursue a vast array of careers. Anthropology majors acquire specialized abilities that are ideally suited for the new global environment. Cross-cultural analytical skills may be equally useful in private and public settings, whether working for a business, a medical office, or a government agency. Through the study in Anthropology students acquire observational and interviewing abilities and develop a special understanding of human interactions and group dynamics. These skills are vitally important wherever peoples of diverse cultures meet, that is, in virtually all modern societies.

Students Gain Real-World Experience

Anthropology students have interned at organizations including American Museum of Natural History, Division of Youth and Family Services, Langan Engineering, Liberty Science Center, Louis Berger Associates, Montclair Art Museum, Morris County Medical Examiner’s Office, New Jersey State Police Forensic Anthropology Lab, Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, Paterson Public Schools, Prospect Park Zoo, Smithsonian Institution.

In addition, they have studied or attended field schools in California, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Washington, D.C. as well as in countries including Australia, Belize, China, England, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy and Mexico.

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