After Graduation


What can you do with a
Political Science degree?


Listed here are links to resources that might be helpful in your thinking and planning for after graduation. Every year the Political Science Department sponsors a Career Day at which graduates from our program -- some recent, and some not so recent -- share their experiences, reflections, and advice about graduate school, law school, and careers.


The best place to go for general career information is the WPU Career Development and Advisement Center. They offer job listings, career counseling, job search tools and employment connections.


The American Political Science Association (APSA) provides various resources regarding careers in political science. They publish a booklet on the subject that you can obtain free from the chairperson of the WPU Political Science Department.


The American Society for Public Administration maintains a valuable website on public service careers. For information on non-profit jobs, check out the Idealist website. Another resource for non-profit jobs is


For information on graduate study in Political Science, see the materials on the American Political Science Association website.

You might also check out the website of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.


The Law School Admission Council Online is the official law school admission organization. Of course you should be in touch with the William Paterson Pre-Law Program, which offers advisement, workshops, and resources. For those connecting to the web from a William Paterson computer, Lexis Nexis has a Legal Research Page that includes Career Information, Law School Directories and other resources.


If you like to look into the job prospects for different occupations, you can check out the online searchable "Occupational Outlook Handbook" published each year by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Enhancing Your Employability

  • Enroll in an internship. (See here for details.)
  • Connect with WPU alumni who are working in a career you wish to pursue. (You can get some contacts from faculty or by attending the Political Science Department's Career Day.)


Daniela Jorge, WPU '11, worked in Palestine, now getting M.A. in Corp. Responsible Mgmt., Steinbeis Univ. (Berlin).

Daniella Jorge


Andres Puerta, WPU '01, labor organizer, educator in CUNY Labor Studies programPuerta

Donna Yang, WPU '11, works for Human Rights Watch and volunteers with a police Domestic Violence Response Team.Donna Yang


Some of our graduates...

Thom Brooks, WPU '97, Reader in Law at Durham Law School, UK


Karen Ellis, WPU '07, Ph.D. student in Political Science, University of Chicago

Karen Ellis

Maria Hoppas, WPU '05, Social Worker, Health Care for the Homeless Program, Jersey City

Maria Hoppas

Jason Nunnermacker, WPU '00, attorney with the law firm of Arturi, D'Argenio, Guaglardi & Meliti


 William Roberts Clark, WPU '88, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan


 Mark Fonseca Rendeiro, WPU '01, Journalist, Public Speaker and Media Consultant, http://citizenreporter.orgMark Rendeiro