Khyniljah Youngblood, Public Defenders' Office at the Trenton Municipal Court

My internship with the Public Defenders Office located at Trenton Municipal Court was very informational.  I learned many of the professional skills I needed for my career and I made some good connections as well. I was able to interact with individuals who were dealing with misdemeanors and traffic tickets. My supervisor was helpful in teaching me what I needed to know. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to further their education in law and willing to be challenged.

Khyniljah Youngblood

Najeè Robles, New Jersey Community Development Corporation of Paterson

At the beginning of my internship my goals were to learn more about the NJCDC and whether it was somewhere I felt I can grow.  If so, my second goal was to get a job with them. My experience as an intern there was great. I learned a lot of skills that I can take into my professional career that are resume worthy. At the end of my internship I was offered a job. I will be officially starting at the NJCDC this summer, and I couldn’t be happier. I am honestly thankful that this internship was a course requirement. It pushed me to seek internships with companies where I was interested in potentially starting a career. Taking an internship as a college student is imperative. It will give you a glimpse into the professional world that you will be a part of after you graduate. It also gives you a better idea of what exactly you want to do after graduation career-wise, putting you a step ahead of the game. My professor, Dr. Wilson, was a great help all semester, and always encouraged us to make the most of our intern experience. I was very pleased with the course.

Najee Robles

Daniela German, Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children

My experience at Oasis was very educational. I got the chance to assist and help women who have been victims of domestic violence. Oasis, which is an organization known as a Haven for Women and Children, does everything it can to provide services for the women and children of Paterson New Jersey. I was not aware of all the services that are provided by Oasis until I started my internship. The staff at Oasis are dedicated to helping and providing clothing, food bags, and courses for women in need. It is amazing to see how much this organization cares for the women and children of Paterson.

Daniela German

Jamell Watson, Morris County Superior Court of NJ, Probation Division

My experience at The Morris County Superior Court of New Jersey Probation Division was a great beginning to my career. I gained knowledge on probation supervision procedures in New Jersey, and was able to network with professionals in the field I hope to build a career in. I was able to interact with individuals who were sentenced to probation supervision and try to understand how the decisions they made landed them in this situation. The internship was very beneficial to me because it helped me understand the clerical aspect of being a probation officer as well as going into the field on home visits. I would recommend any one looking for an internship to seek an opportunity at The Morris County Superior Court of New Jersey Probation Division.

Jamell Watson

Daniel Sherdo, Haledon, NJ Police Department

My experience was extremely informational and related to the line of work I plan on pursuing upon graduation. I learned the different types of tasks that police officers perform on a daily basis as well as the struggles that come with being a police officer in today’s society. The Haledon Police Department allowed me to work closely with the officers and they were welcoming to any questions I had. I was fortunate enough to have an extraordinary experience and now possess extensive knowledge that can assist me in attaining my ultimate goal of becoming a police officer.

Daniel Sherdo

Robert Green, New Jersey State Police

Interning with the New Jersey State Police at their training site in Sea Girt, NJ was a great experience. The instructors I worked with gave me an opportunity to get a behind the scenes view of what is required to work for the state police. They were more than willing to let me sit in on class sessions and training activities being carried out for the recruits. This experience has helped strengthen my career preparation for this field of work. Working alongside instructors at the academy gives you a clear perspective on not only the training that you will be doing, but also gives you a chance to reevaluate yourself to make sure that a career in law enforcement is for you.

Robert Green

Rayshell Harrison interned at Trenton Urban Racing.

My time at the Trenton Urban Racing school was amazing. I got to network with many different types of people and I gained some important skills. While working with this organization, I realized that working within the humanities was the right choice for me. I got to see firsthand how helping and guiding children who do not have the means to succeed can benefit their lives. I worked in an environment where there was nothing but passion and dedication to help people and I could not have asked for a better experience. 
Rayshell Harrison

Michell Javier, Bruno & Ferraro Law Firm

My experience was amazing and extremely helpful. It gave me a very in depth look at what a career in law is really about. I learned how to handle and communicate with clients and help the people I worked with to thrive. Bruno and Ferraro allowed me to establish connections and showed me what the process of law really is like. Bruno and Ferraro were very helpful and effectively prepared me for my future.

Michell Javier

Allison Speranza interned at Van Dyk Health Care at Park Place, an assisted living facility. Speranza worked with Alzheimer's and Dementia residents. 

I loved my whole experience ... Getting to see the residents happy and content made everything worth it. The residents made my day, every day.
Allison Speranza

Gabrielle Castelli interned at the Family Support Organization of Passaic County.

My experience was very beneficial. I learned how to communicate and properly help families and clients. The Family Support Organization allowed me to conduct my own support groups where I was able to connect with the children weekly. The Family Support Organization was very welcoming and I was lucky enough to have a great experience where I gather numerous tools to help me with my future endeavors.