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Jumpstart your chemistry career

The Chemistry Department prepares students for challenging careers in a wide variety of science, technology, and related fields. Most WP chemistry students are employed or accepted into a graduate program within three months of completion of their degree. Here are some key national statistics for chemistry careers from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and PayScale.

Starting Salary

Average Starting Salaries in Chemistry Fields (NACE)

Noteworthy Mid-Career Chemistry Jobs and Salaries (PayScale)

Product Development Scientist $72,800 Research Chemist $67,500 Analytical Chemist $62,400 Quality Control Chemist $60,200
Six months out of graduation

Alumni in science and health employed or in graduate school within 6 months after graduation

Get Prepared to Succeed

In our chemistry programs, students use state-of-the-art instrumentation to solve authentic problems in the classroom and in research laboratories, working directly with faculty. The BS in chemistry prepares students for advanced study of chemistry at the doctoral or master’s level, or for immediate employment doing scientific work in chemical, pharmaceutical, and allied industries. The BA in chemistry prepares students for careers in science education at the middle or high school level or to attend medical, dental, and pharmacy school.

What You'll Learn

In our chemistry programs, students learn in-demand skills that employers have identified as critical for job candidates, including:

  • Analysis of scientific data and communication of scientific results.
  • Scientific investigation.
  • Preparation of common chemical reagents and buffers.
  • Problem solving related to thermochemistry and chemical kinetics, among others.

Key Skills for
Careers in

as indicated by Employers
and Alumni on LinkedIn

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Reasoning

Communication Skills

Lab Equipment Operation

Problem-solving Skills

Research & Development

Scientific Computing

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