The M.S. Program in Speech Language Pathology at William Paterson University, accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, is a 54-credit program that requires two years of full-time academic study and clinical training. The deadline to be considered for the M.S. Program in Speech Language Pathology is February 1. This means that all materials must be received by CSDCAS by this deadline. Do not send any application materials to William Paterson University. Late applications will not be considered nor reviewed. Applicants should submit the following to CSDCAS:

  • Transcripts from any college or university attended
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement

Applicants With and Without a Background

This is a full-time cohort program that prepares students for the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) as well as for state licensure and school certification in New Jersey. Applicants both with and without a background in speech language pathology may apply to the program. For applicants whose  background includes the necessary prerequisites, the program length is 2 years. If applicants do not have the necessary prerequisites, then the program length may be as long as 3 years.  Only applicants who have received offers of matriculation may enroll in courses.

CSDCAS Application Process

  • The portal for the CSDCAS application process to William Paterson University will open September 1. ( It is strongly recommended that you visit the CSDCAS "Frequently Asked Questions" before starting your application.
  • All questions about submitting, completing, and verifying your application should be directed to the CSDCAS helpline at 617-612-2030.
  • All applicants who submit their application and all necessary materials by the February 1st deadline will receive a decision by William Paterson University by March 1st. In addition, applicants are required to pay a $50 supplemental application fee to William Paterson University. The Office of Graduate Admissions from William Paterson will send an email to all applicants with instructions to pay the supplemental application fee shortly after the February 1 deadline.