Strategic Plan

Summary of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan  

The Master of Science education program in Speech-Language Pathology at William Paterson University is committed to the education of graduate students, centered around the belief that all people - across all ages, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities - should be afforded the opportunity to be effective communicators. Our ambition is to prepare qualified, compassionate individuals; inspiring them to become leaders who seek to improve the lives of individuals with communication disorders by recognizing the unique qualities of each client and demonstrating respect for the communities in which they live. The plan aligns with the mission and core values of the University.  

Vision of the Graduate Program  

The vision of the graduate program is to expand the breadth and depth of academic and clinical knowledge, skills, and ethical awareness within the department and the profession of speech-language pathology.  

 Mission of the Graduate Program  

The mission of the graduate program is to provide a quality, affordable, public university graduate degree that prepares students for professional success in speech-language pathology careers within diverse and multicultural communities.  

 Goals of the Graduate Program

  1. Prepare students for careers in Speech-Language Pathology - Competency in prevention, screening, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with varied communication disorders.  

  2. Foster student diversity, multiculturalism, and support for the purpose of facilitating student success within the program and community.  

  3. Enhance Faculty Retention, Success, and the Creation of Knowledge.  

  4. Increase student opportunities and experiences that will guide informed decision-making to thrive professionally and personally in local and global environments.