The Power of Giving

The power of philanthropy is the power of partnerships. Our partnerships with you - our alumni and friends - will enable us to continue to create unique opportunities that enhance student learning, the academic mission, and faculty innovation.   At William Paterson, the power of philanthropy helps students achieve success through college and the rest of their lives.


Scholarship support provides important and necessary assistance to help students with financial need to become innovative thinkers, practical learners, and leaders in the community and beyond. Over the last five years, William Paterson has awarded more than $3.6 million in donor-funded scholarships. Scholarships enable students to reduce their working hours as well as their years in school, and allow them to focus on academics and become more involved on campus and in their communities. Scholarships turn the dream of a well-rounded college education, and all the future benefits it brings, into a reality for thousands of our students. Learn more.

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