Hospitality Student Staff 2022 - 2023

The Office of Hospitality Services serves the campus community through University Commons operations, ID card processing, Pioneer Express and meal plans, vending services, and the Information Desk.  As the hub of the campus community, Hospitality Services employs student staff as Building Managers, Media Technicians, Information Desk/Main Office Attendants, ID Center Staff, and Arcade Attendants.  Staff also serve in more focused roles as Marketing Assistant, Information Coordinator, and Training Coordinator.   

The mission of Hospitality Services is to offer services that ensure a comfortable visit in a warm and welcoming environment.  The student staff play an integral role in helping reach this goal.  Staffing the building during operating hours, the staff interact with the community by answering questions, executing events, and providing entertainment options.   

Learning Outcomes  

During their time with our department students will experience many learning opportunities related to teamwork, autonomy, customer service, and responsibility.  These learning outcomes will enhance the college experience for students.  Each semester we will highlight and focus on these learning objectives: 

Critical Thinking  

Students who are employed by Hospitality Services will be able to gather information to solve problems and think critically about issues that arise at work.  This includes developing decision making and conflict resolution skills.  

Respect for Diversity  

Students who are employed by Hospitality Services will interact with others collaboratively, in a way that demonstrates a respect for diversity and inclusion.  Students will develop a sense of teamwork with their fellow students.  


Students who are employed by Hospitality Services in a management role will learn to effectively lead others, serving as role models for the staff they supervise.  Guiding them through work tasks, unexpected challenges, and team development staff members will grow into effective leaders.  

Personal Responsibility  

Students who are employed by Hospitality Services will learn life skills including time management skills, will develop a strong work ethic - balancing work and academic responsibilities, and will take responsibility for their own choices and behaviors.  

Customer Service  

Students who are employed by Hospitality Services will be able to foster a customer-oriented service environment by providing exceptional service, anticipating customer needs, and ensuring customers’ needs are met.  

Community Connection 

Students who are employed by Hospitality Services will feel connected to the William Paterson University community by providing integral services to the campus.