Part Time Employee Plus

The University’s payroll process runs on a 2 week cycle designated as a pay period.  Each pay period begins on a Saturday and ends on a Friday.  Pay checks are payable the Friday following the end of a pay period. 

For more information regarding pay schedules, filling out timesheets, enrolling in direct deposit, and accessing your Employee Dashboard, please visit Understanding Your Paycheck.

New Jersey Paid Sick Leave

Certain employees may be eligible for New Jersey Paid Sick Leave. Please visit this link to learn more.

Additional Resources

Take advantage of the many discounts and perks of your employment, including WP Presents!, the Fitness Center and on campus dining options.

Visit the Information Technology website to set up your e-mail account and access WPconnect, find troubleshooting information for your e-mail, voice and telephone services, wireless access, software programs, and other computer-related issues.