Student Employees

The recruiting processes for student employees vary based on the type of student employment. Please review the following information to learn about the types of student employment and review related resources. 

On-Campus Federal Work Study (FWS) 

Federal Work Study provides on campus part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Funding comes from the Federal Government and therefore the student’s earnings are not charged to the Department’s budget. There are limits on the minimum and maximum amount of hours worked per week. Eligibility and hour limits must be determined by the Financial Aid Office before a student can be hired. More information can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Community Service/Off-Campus Federal Work Study 

Students who are federal work study eligible have the option of participating in the off-campus community service program. These positions would allow students to work in local non-profit organizations as their federal work study placement. To learn more about the community service program, please visit the Career Development Center website.

University Student employment

Non-Federal Work Study student employment (University Student employment) means that the student’s earnings are charged to the Department’s budget. Hiring Supervisors must consult with the Budget Office before hiring non-Federal Work Study student employees. For questions regarding your availability of funds, contact Niti Baldwin at

How do I post on-campus vacancies?

Hiring departments must advertise vacancies online through the Talent Management Portal. The Talent Management Portal also allows Hiring Mangers to review and recruit qualified applicants and complete the hiring process.

How do I hire an on-campus student employee or extend a student employee's assignment? 

When hiring a new student, Hiring Managers should use the Talent Management Portal.

When re-hiring (or extending) student employment assignments, Hiring Managers should use eHRAF

Still not sure? Please review the additional resources below.

Please confirm the correct start and end dates with Financial Aid before hiring the student

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