Resources for part-time and student employees

Where can I search for employment opportunities?

Part time employees can view employment opportunities here.

Student employees can view available  on-campus jobs off-campus jobs and internship opportunities. In addition, students are encouraged to view the Financial Aid website to learn more about the Federal Work Study program.

When do I get paid? 

Pay Schedules can be found here.

How do I access my timesheet?

The part time timesheet system can be accessed here, and further instructions can be found here.

I did not receive a pay check - what should I do?

Your supervisor is the first point of contact for help in determining the reason for delay of anticipated payment. 

How can I enroll in direct deposit? Where can I access my W2 form?

Please click here to learn how to enroll in direct deposit, access your tax forms, view and update voluntary and involuntary deductions, and take a tour of your pay statement.

What benefits are available to me?

Certain employees may be eligible for New Jersey Paid Sick Leave. Please visit this link to learn more.

I am a part time employee covered under a bargaining unit and have a working hour limit of 944 hours. How can I calculate how many hours I have left to work?

Part time employees with a working hour limit of 944 hours per year, can review total hours worked, leave time charged and view hours remaining for the calendar year. This information can be accessed in WP Connect, under the My HR Profile section on the Employee tab, and select the link for Part time Employee Working Limit Info.

Where can I find employee self-service resources?

Click here to find information related to WP Connect, Banner Self Service (Employee Dashboard), and more!