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Full-time faculty, librarians and non-teaching professional staff are entitled to health, prescription drug, dental and vision care benefits. Currently, there are no payroll deductions for the prescription drug and vision care programs. For health benefits, employees may choose to be covered in the Traditional Plan, NJ Plus or a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). There are currently premium contributions if the employee selects the Traditional Plan or an HMO.

The dental plans require a payroll deduction depending on the level of coverage and the plan selected. There are ten Dental Plan Organizations (DPO) and the Dental Expense Plan.

Faculty, librarians and professional staff who are hired without a terminal appointment are eligible for immediate enrollment in the Alternate Benefit Program. There is a mandatory 5% contribution of base wages employee with an 8% employer match. Employees may also choose to make additional voluntary contributions to their retirement fund.

Tuition waiver/reimbursement is also available to full-time employees. After one year of employment, full-time employees are eligible for tuition waiver for dependent children.

Refer to your Union Agreement for vacation and sick leave entitlements.

For additional information, consult the Employee Handbook or contact a benefits representative at (973) 720-2624 or (973) 720-2124.