Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities

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Fulfillment of Professional Responsibilities shall include the following:

  1. Careful preparation of the material with which the course deals, aimed at the appropriate level, following approved guidelines established by the appropriate curriculum council.
  2. At the start of each course, the instructor shall inform students of the following: course objectives, course outline, methods of evaluation, major teaching procedures, course requirements, and the instructor’s office hours.
  3. The instructor shall present the subject matter in an appropriate manner, which reflects the intent and emphasis of the course.
  4. The instructor shall give examinations and/or papers that reflect the emphasis of the course and which are designed to provide both the instructor and the student with information about their respective progress. Such examinations and papers should be given at the proper time, following established University policies.
  5. An instructor may not arbitrarily dismiss his or her class. In the event of illness or other reason for cancellation of classes, the faculty member shall notify the department chairperson or departmental secretary as early as possible so that arrangements may be made to cover the class or to notify the students.
    Faculty members with non-teaching assignments should follow similar procedures for reporting absences to the appropriate administrative officer.
  6. The instructor should meet his or her class for the full time allotted. He or she should start and release his/her class at the time specified, with due exception for illness and other exceptional situations.
  7. If a staff member must be absent from an extension class for which he or she is receiving extra compensation, he or she is expected to arrange for a substitute and to assume all expenses involved.
  8. Every faculty member shall be available to confer with students, in his or her classes or during his or her office hours, concerning their progress, and, where applicable, with his or her advisees concerning their programs. Office hours shall be posted and announced to students. Since individual students may have classes at the time of the announced hours, it may be necessary to arrange additional conference time by mutual agreement between students and faculty members.
    During the periods of registration and advisement, faculty members are expected to be available for student conferences outside of the regular office hours. The appropriate deans determine such times and days.
  9. Attendance regulations and the maintenance of appropriate records shall follow established University policies. All grades must be submitted on the specified dates.
  10. Faculty members shall not knowingly violate, or attempt to violate or bypass, duly promulgated and approved University policy regulations.
  11. Each faculty member shall, in the performance of his or her University duties, conduct himself or herself in a manner consistent with his or her professional responsibilities.
  12. Faculty members are expected to assume their share of committee assignments and student advisement responsibilities in accordance with University and department policies.
  13. All faculty members must attend committee and faculty meetings.
  14. All first year faculty, at their option, may be exempt from all committees.
  15. Faculty members shall be subject to periodic evaluations concerning teaching and professional competence, according to established University policies. Such evaluations shall include both student and peer evaluations, using forms prepared by the faculty.