Grade Regulations

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The criteria for determining the final grade must be clearly explained in the syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester. The grading system used by the University is as follows:

A, A-

B, B+, B-

C, C+, C-

D, D+












Minimally Passing


Passed Course, taken on a Pass/Fail basis, equivalent to A-D

Satisfactory (Basic Skills courses, not for graduation Credit)


Unacceptable, must repeat (Writing Effective Prose and Basic Skills)

Missing, no grade submitted

Withdrawn Officially


Grade Change Policy - A report of the student's grades is entered on the official record and is altered only upon the initiation of the instructor and the approval of the department chairperson and appropriate dean unless under extraordinary circumstances. In some cases, the privilege of re-examination is permitted.

Incomplete Grade Policy - Grades of incomplete (IN) must be removed from the record within the 30-day period immediately following the beginning of the succeeding fall or spring semester. All grades of IN not changed by the appropriate time to a letter grade upon the recommendation of the proper faculty member are automatically changed to a grade of F by the Registrar. For purposes of dismissal policy, extracurricular participation and financial aid, such an incomplete shall be treated as an "F" grade. It shall be treated as an IN for these purposes only if the student receives a written statement from the professor or chairperson of the academic department requesting such a continuation.

Repeated Course Policy

  1. Effective Fall 1987, only a currently enrolled undergraduate first degree student may repeat once, any course in which a passing grade of "D" or "D+" is received. (Those students who have previously repeated a course prior to the effective date may not do so again).

  2. A course in which a failing grade is received may be repeated until a passing grade is obtained.

  3. Only the last grade will be computed in the GPA if all of the necessary repeat applications are properly completed.

  4. All grades will be shown on the transcript.

  5. Courses taken under the repeat grade policy will be noted accordingly on the transcript.

  6. The course being repeated cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis, unless it was initially taken pass/fail.
  7. Any registered student who has received his/her schedule may take advantage of the grade repeat policy in the following manner:
  • Request the course to be repeated.

  • Verify, by means of your course schedule, that you are registered for the course.

  • From the first day of the semester through and including the last date to withdraw from a course for the semester, you must declare your intention to take advantage of this policy by completing your application in the Office of the Registrar, College Hall, Room 140.