Pass/Fail Policy

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  1. Students may register for only one course consisting of 3 or 4 credits per semester having a Pass/Fail option.

  2. Students may register for no more than twelve (12) credits having a Pass/Fail option during their academic careers.

  3. Only free elective courses may be taken as a Pass/Fail option. Major and co-requirements cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.

  4. A Pass/Fail grade of "P" will be considered the equivalent of "A" to "D". A Pass/Fail grade of "F" will be considered the equivalent of "F".

  5. The following categories of graduate students may not take a course on a pass/fail basis: GN, GC, GE, GT, GM.

A grade of "P" shall count in the number of credits earned, but not in the cumulative grade point average. A grade of "F" counts in the grade point average. Students who wish to exercise the pass/fail option are reminded of certain limitations in the concept and of potential difficulties which they may encounter. Not only are grades of "P" not counted in the student's grade point average, but also the student may find that grades of "P" are not transferable to other Universities and may not be recognized by some graduate schools.