Mercer 3+1 Program

Thank you for your interest in WP @Mercer programs!  We are here to help you make your transfer to William Paterson University simple and seamless, with much or all of your coursework done right there on the Mercer CCC campus. 


Program Requirements

  • Must graduate from Mercer or any NJ community college with an AA, AS, AFA, or AAS degree.
  • Apply to William Paterson the semester before you graduate and select the WP/MCCC 3+1 Partnership Agreement Program on the WP application.
  • Receive an application fee waiver at the time of application and follow all standard procedures for application, including requesting and submitting all official transcripts
  • Transfer in all 60 credits and have your WP general education requirements (UCC) waived for AA, AS, and AFA graduates. AAS graduates can complete their outstanding WP general education requirements in year 3 at MCCC.
  • Stay at MCCC in the third or junior year, register for third-year MCCC courses, and pay MCCC’s tuition. (During the third year at MCCC, while earning 60 – 90 credits, students must complete the WP/MCCC 3+1 Advising Form for every term. This form enables WP advisors to approve MCCC courses through the New Jersey Transfer Equivalency Tool sponsored by ensuring degree program alignment).
  • A Financial Aid Consortium Agreement allows MCCC to process financial aid for students for their 60-90 credits being completed at MCCC.
  • Once 90 credits are completed at MCCC, submit final MCCC transcript to the admissions office at WP.
  • At WP in year 4, students continue to be advised by WP advisors and pay the WP tuition rate.
  • Current Undergraduate majors for 3+1: