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Honors Week Student Research Presentations

Each spring, the Honors College showcases the work of students who are completing one of the Honors College tracks, and recognizes the faculty and staff members who have contributed to their success. Congratulations to all of the outstanding individuals who are participating in Honors Week/Explorations 2019!

Tuesday, April 9 to Thursday, April 11

Tracks and Schedules

Interdisciplinary Poster Sessions

Tuesday, April 2

University Commons, Ballroom B & C, 12:30 to 1:45

Rosmeiry Valera, Yun Kai Chong, Michelle Cardenas, Tania Chowdhury, Marsha Akoto, Anna Krisak, Melissa Henao, Rose Moise, Osairys Billini, Forida Raja, Aileen Torres, Winnie Ma, Psychology, Clinical Symptoms, Family Separations and Acculturation in Recently Immigrated Latinx and Bangladeshi Middle School Youth

 Amy Learmonth, Jordan Stewart, Ruchael McNair, Tuba Masood, Kirsten Fernandez, Shazna Ali, Victoria Hanks, Psychology, Only Adults Figure Out A Complex Location Cue

Vincent Loud, David Freestone, Computer Science, Reimagining the Skinner Box

Reem Eldabagh, Chemistry, Exploration of the Photocatalytic Activity of Eosin Y in Benzylic Peroxidation Reactions

Frank Leon, Professional Communication, Social Media’s Impact on the world of Professional Wrestling

Melissa Mayer, Communication, Use and Impact of Social Media on Job Seekers and Human Resource Professionals

Abdulaziz Albarshaa, Communication, The effect of Snapchat's micro-celebrities on consumer buying behavior in Saudi Arabia

Salman Alqahtani, Professional Communication, The Role of social media in Americans' perception of Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination

Jazmine Perdomo, Kyung-Hyan (Angie) Yoo, Professional Communication, Influencer Marketing and Consumer Purchasing Behavior: Two-Step Flow Perspective

Zachary Ryan, Professional Communications, The Role of Facebook Group Engagement in Railfanning

Gregory Synsmir, Professional Communication, Activism amongst College Students in the age of Social Media

Tydasia Williams, Professional Communication, The Effects Social Media Has On Using Colorism to Depict African American Beauty

Chris Trembath, PCOMM, You're Getting a Little Too Personal: How Gender Personalization in Chatbot Design Affects Customer Satisfaction

Michaela Gardiner, Shana Foster, Holly Leonard, Kelly Dykman, Ryan Wizner, Liam Aylward, Harry Maisch, Martin Becker, Michael Griffiths, Environmental Science

Chondrichthyans from the Lower Clayton Limestone Unit of the Midway Group (Paleocene) near Malvern, Arkansas, USA with Comments on the K/Pg boundary

Brandon Johnson, Kinesiology, Dextrocardia in 35 year old

Allison Neumann, Chelesia Clarke, Michael Griffiths, Martin Becker, Sora Kim, Harry Maisch IV, Robert Eagle, Clint Mautz, Kenshu Shimada, Matthew Young, Environmental Science, The Extinction of the Megatoothed Shark Otodus megalodon: Preliminary Evidence from Clumped Isotope Thermometry

Medine Sahin, Thomas Haughey, Chemistry, Anionic clays - synthetic and application pathways

Judy Bernsetin, Trevor Courtright, Kaelyn Deleon, Lisandra Hidalgo, Matthew Jaekel, Casey Murphy, Madeline Reina, Tamia Williams, Benjamin Berth, Trevor Courtright, Kaelyn Deleon, Iesha Falen, Yazmin Fritzes Junco, Kevin McKiernan, Casey Murphy, Nancy Riascos, Tamia Williams, Languages and Cultures, Linguistics Student Posters

Elizabeth Galetz, Nursing, Simulated Role-Play to Improve Attitudes and Empathy Towards Older Adults in Accelerated Nursing Students

Christopher Meola, Exercise Science, Internship Case Study

Kaytlynn Knyfd, Austin Degen, Troy Nixon, Environmental Science, Tracing Storms and Climate Change Through Tree-Ring Growth Patterns on Coastal Maritime Forests in NY and NJ

Sumithra Raghavan, Kassandra Rendon, Marsha Akoto, Psychology, Mental Health, Social Capital and Academic Success in First Generation College Students

Leslie Trigoura, Maria Holganza, Chemistry, The Efficient Copper Catalyzed Homocoupling and Heterocoupling of Terminal Alkynes

Jay Foley, James Varner, Noor Eldabagh, Derek Volta, Reem Eldabagh, Raghad Nofal, Aya Matari, Chemistry, WPTherml: pioneering the design of materials for harnessing heat

Matt Finn, Robert Brady, Seoyoung Sarah Park, Kohl Donnelly, Yara Abaza, Michael Scrivana, Kayla Perez, Gabrielle Alvarado, Project to Create Explorations 2019 Poster


Thursday, April 4

Science Hall Lounge, 12:30 to 1:45

Sara Steinel, Nellie Cordova, Computer Science, A Knowledge Discovery Approach to Mental Health Problems in New York City: Phase Two

Ciara Nazaruk, George Antoun, David Hack, John Bae, Kinseiology, B1G opportunity: motivations and experiences of student volunteerism at the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament

Joseph Duncan, Jason Wicke, Anthony Duncan, Kinesiology, The Impact of Foam Rolling on Ground Force Reaction and Vertical Jump Height

Alexander Geleski, Dr. Jason Wicke, Kinesiology, Biomechanical Analysis of Throwing with and without Ball Release

Ryan Wizner, Brianna Chandra, Jeremy Scott, Environmental Science, Examination of a Suburban Lake for Effects from Nonpoint Source Pollution and Copper Sulfate Treatments by Brianna Chandra, Jeremy Scott, Ryan Wizner, Jennifer Callanan, Michael DaSilva, and the students of ENV-3760-70 Fall 2018

Natasha Lopes-Cunha, Mathematics, Cryptography and Mathematics

Brianna Smith, Kevin Martus, Biology, Current Probe Measurements of a Plasma Jet

Omayma Hassanain, Communication, Rational Choice and The influencing Factors of Relational Transgression

Nora Jamal, Communication: Digital Media, Political Awareness of Twitter among Saudi Students in The United States

Daniel Toth, Professional Communication, Alternative Sports and Social Media

Ahmed Alsaykhan, Communication, The Impact of Foodies' Reviews on Social Media Toward Millennials Food Decision Making

Muhammet Enes Erol, Michael Figueroa, Edin Hadzovic, Kinesiology, Determination of Heart Rate Percentages at Anaerobic Threshold and The Accuracy of Different Types of Heart Rate Monitors

Trayer Run-Kowzun, Kinesiology, The Effect of a 7-Week Progressive Adaptation Yoga Practice on Hamstrings Flexibility

Nidhi Shah, Kinesiology, Physical therapy for bilateral knee osteoarthritis

Nicholas Simon, Kinesiology, Blood Pressure Response to Chiropractic Manipulation in Hypertensive Individuals

Austin Degen, Environmental Science, A 4000-year environmental evaluation of mid-Atlantic coastal wetlands from paired geochemical and diatom analysis of surficial and down-core sediments

Miryam Wahrman, Corey Basch, Sarah MacLean, Philip Garcia, Biology, Escherichia coli on the internet: The power of YouTube to educate and influence consumer behavior regarding pathogenic bacteria

Jordan Cola, Kinesiology, The Effects of Various Warm-Up Devices on Bat Velocity in Collegiate Baseball PLayers: A Pilot Study

Toni LaSala, Jordan Cola, Michael Figueroa, Racine Emmons, Kinesiology, Determination of Exercise Intensity That Elicits Maximal Fat Oxidation on a Body Weight Supported Treadmill in Normal Weight Males

Christina Mouser, Ben Eck, Mathematics, An Analysis of Internet Based Videos Used to Cope with Math Anxiety

Michelle Rosselli, Megan Chesin, William Tsang, Elizabeth Jeglic, Michele Cascardi, Psychology, Title: Knowledge and Accepting Attitudes of Suicide are Greater among College Students who Watched 13 Reasons Why Compared to their Peers who did not

Bogong Su, Erh-Wen Hu, Weihua Liu, Computer Science, Comparing DSP Software Performance Prediction Models at Source Code Level -  from Analytical to Statistical

Shellecia Smith, Halema Jalil, Public Health, Utilizing Health Education Skills for Prison Tutoring in The Petey Greene Program

Naa-Solo Tettey, Soomin Ahn, Steven Nagamine, Public Health, Assessing Codeine Use through Hip-Hop Lyrics: A Call to Action for Public Health Educators

Urvi Patel, Natalie Obrecht, Maitry Mahida, Psychology, Influential Factors in Choices of College Major

Yomary Collazo, Natalie Obrecht, Maitry Mahida, Urvi Patel, Psychology, Meta-ethical viewpoints: To what extent do people think ethical rules are objective?

Weihua Liu, Bonggong Su, Dev Dave, Natalia Zaytseva, Camila Murillo, Computer Science, Machine Learning Techniques for Software Performance Prediction at Source Level

Weihua Liu, Oliver Alvarado, Jeffery Albanese, Computer Science, The statistical properties of XOR-FCSRs

Joan Inoa, Mansi Patel, Chemistry, Green Chemistry: Benzylic Functionalization via Visible-light induced photo redox catalysis

Leslie MacDermid, Professional Communications, Baby Boomers and Online Dating


Tuesday, April 2

College of Arts and Communication, University Commons, Ballroom A, 11:00 to 12:15

Christopher Herbert, Music: Transcription of Original Colonial American Music Manuscript

Jennifer Owlett, Communication: Evaluating Crisis Responses on Twitter: Perspectives from Situational Crisis Communication Theory & Person-Centered Messages

Julie Nagle, Art: Interdependent Space and Sound

Cannabis Institute, University Commons, Ballroom A, 12:30 to 1:45

Rahi Abouk, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Maternal employment, time use, and overweight children: A series of implications of legal marijuana sales  

Aleksandar Kecojevic, Public Health: Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey: The Public Health Perspective 

Betty Kollia and Katie Gasparino, Communication Disorders and Sciences: Cannabis Use and Communication Disorders 

William Kernan, Public Health, A Study of Municipal Ordinances Limiting the Sale of Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey

Tuesday, April 9

Interdisciplinary Presentations #1, University Commons, 171 B, 11:00 to 12:15

Thomas Heinzen, Psychology: Case Study of a Baseball Umpire With a Hangover: The Shadow of Our Future

Jay Foley, Chemistry: WPTherml: pioneering the design of materials for harnessing heat

Deniz Yucel, Sociology and Criminal Justice: Differential Effects of Direct and Indirect Contact on Prejudice among Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots over a Ten-Year Peri

Interdisciplinary Presentations #2, University Commons, 171 B, 12:30 to 1:45

Megan Conrad, Psychology:  Exploring the Role of Personality, Expectations, and Self-Efficacy in Childbirth Experiences

 Emmanuel Onaivi, Biology:  Advances in Cannabis and Endocannabinoid System Research          

 Leslie Trigoura, Chemistry:  The Efficient Copper Catalyzed Homocoupling and Heterocoupling of Terminal Alkynes

Brenda Marshall, Nursing, Dustin Hill, Nursing Student: Stigma and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Interdisciplinary Presentations #3, University Commons, 171 B, 2:00 to 3:15

Lydia Albuquerque, Nursing: Contribution of Short-Term Medical Mission (STMMs) to City of Canaan, Haiti: Clinic of Hope               

Keumaje Park, Sociology and Criminal Justice:  The Paradoxical Positioning of Asian-Americans in the U.S. Racial Structure               

Maxwell Johnson, History:  Militia Christi: A Reevaluation of Norman Piety regarding the First Crusade  

Kelley Healey, Biology:  Specific “ERG11” Mutations Identified in the Emerging Fungal Pathogen “Candida auris” Contribute to Azole Reduced Susceptibility    

Avinash Arya, Accounting and Law: Beating Business Cycles through Dynamic Compensation Structure

Technology Across the Curriculum, University Commons, 171 A, 2:00 to 3:15

Nicole Davi, Environmental Science:  Tree-Ring Expeditions (TREX): Online labs to improve student understanding of climate change and the nature-of-science          

Wendy Christensen, Sociology and Criminal Justice:  Working with Cell Phones in the Classroom

Jeung Woon Lee, Biology: Application of virtual reality/augmented reality technologies in biological sciences 

Robert Harris, Center for Teaching with Technology: Yes We Can! The History, Theory, and Practice of using Open Educational Resources

Wednesday, April 10

College of Arts and Communication, University Commons, Room 171 AB, 11:00 to 12:15

Payton MacDonald, Music: Sonic 8 Recordings

Lori Ramos, Communication: Vieques Oral History Project

Zhiyuan Cong, Art: An International Art Competition Project: Paper Money Brought to the West, Phoenix Sang in Persia

College of Arts and Communication, University Commons, Room 171 AB, 2:00 to 3:15

Angie Yoo, Communication: Real-time Social Media Engagement and Millennials’ Event Experience

Nicholas Hirshon, Communication: “Generation K”: The New York Media and One of Baseball’s Biggest Disappointments

Jin-A Choi, Communication: The Effects of Controversy on Social Media Celebrities’ Endorsement Power


Thursday, April 11

College of Science and Health, University Commons, Room 171 AB, 11:00 to 12:15

Corey Basch, Public Health: Fluoride Related Posts on Instagram: Representation of Pro and Anti Fluoridation Standpoints

Yalan Xing, Chemistry: Development of Green Synthetic Methodology

Jennifer Callanan, Environmental Science, Jeremy Scott, Undergraduate Student Environmental Science, Jonathan Harris, Undergraduate Student Environmental Science, Ryan Wizner, Undergraduate Student Environmental Science, Michael DaSilva, Professional Staff Environmental Science, Gregory Pope, Montclair State University, Matthew Hazen, PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, Delaware State Forest: Two Year Progression of Soil Chemical Changes As A Result Of The 16 Mile Fire, Delaware State Forest, PA

Joseph Spagna, Biology, and Karisa Quimby, Undergraduate Student Biology: Spinning spiders strike! Exploring prey-capture in flattie spiders               

College of Science and Health, University Commons, Room 171 AB, 12:30 to 1:45

Parminder Kaur, Chemistry: Non-precious metal catalyzed organic transformations for C-C and C-X bond formation

 James Arnone, Biology: Integrating a targeted suppressor screen to uncover novel genetic links that modulate aging into the Biotechnology curriculum at William Paterson University

College of Education, University Commons, Room 216, 12:30 to 2:30

Dorothy Feola, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies, Geraldine Mongillo, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies, Carrie E. Hong, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies: An Examination of Teachers’ Awareness, Preparation, and Teaching Strategies When Instructing Linguistically Diverse Learners              

Samuel Fancera, Educational Leadership & Professional Studies: School Leaders’ Use of Social Media and Networks for Professional Development                          

Laura Fattal, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Sandra Alon, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies: Realizing Globalization in the Public School Classroom   

James Alford, Educational Leadership & Professional Studies: Training the Hands, Head, and Heart: Student Protest and Activism at Hampton Institute, 1920-1950     

Ellen Pozzi, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies: Diversity and Technology in Award-Winning Children’s Nonfiction                          

Alex Chambers, Special Education and Counseling, Margaret Renn, Office of Field Experiences: Using the blackboard module format for online training of pre-service teachers

Lisa Warner, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Roberta Schorr, Rutgers University: Engagement structures and the development of mathematical ideas                                                       

Geraldine Mongillo, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies, Carrie E. Hong, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies, Michelle Gonzalez, Educational Leadership and Professional Studies: Developing teacher leaders:  An examination of a graduate reading specialist program             

Alison Dobrick, Elementary and Early Childhood Education: Hamilton and Hip-Hop Pedagogy       

Cynthia Northington-Purdie, Secondary and Middle School Education: The Gamification of Lesson Planning

College of Science and Health, University Commons, Room 171 AB, 2:00 to 3:15 

Zoe Meleo-Erwin, Public Health: Navigating Post-Operative Care, Services, and Support for Weight-Loss Surgery Patients: The Perspective of Bariatric Professionals

Abdelrahman Elleithy, Computer Science, and Vincent Loud, Undergraduate Student Computer Science: Selfish Nodes Mitigation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks                  

Dimitri Nannas, Kinesiology, and Ismael Flores- Marti, Kinesiology: An Exploration of the Process and Outcomes of the  Elementary Physical Education Teacher Evaluation System

Weihua Liu, Computer Science: The statistical properties of Shift Register Sequences                                                                                        

Sonya Bierbower, Biology: Neuroprotective Effects of KCNQ Potassium Channels after Traumatic Brain Injury        

Thursday, April 18

Cotsakos College of Business, Valley Road Auditorium, 11:00 to 3:15

Lianzan Xu, Accounting and Law, Francis Cai, Economics, Finance and Global Business, and Ge Zhang, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Hybrid Earnings Management Pre- and Post-SOX

Giuliana Campanelli, Economics, Finance and Global Business, Alexandros Panayides, Economics, Finance and Global Business, and Susanna Tardi, Sociology: The Rise of Contingent Faculty in the US System of Higher Education

Jim Samuel, Marketing & Management Sciences, Rajiv Kashyap, Marketing & Management Sciences, and Myles Garvey, Marketing & Management Sciences: That Message Went Viral?!  Exploratory Analytics and Sentiment Analysis of the Propagation of Popular Tweets

Mahmoud Watad, Marketing & Management Sciences, Cesar Perez-Alvarez, Marketing & Management Sciences: The Interplay of Cultural Identity, Decision-Making and Creative Strategies                    

Zhang Chuanqian, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Operating Leverage and Underinvestment

Valeriya Avdeev, Accounting and Law, Sia Nassiripour, Accounting and Law: Tax-Return Screening Inefficiency of the Internal Revenue Service: What Can be Done to Increase Compliance and Detection of Erroneously Claimed Educational Credits?                                               

Lawrence Verzani, Economics, Finance and Global Business, John Malindretos, Economics, Finance and Global Business, Tao Guo, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Financial Advice and Portfolio Diversification              

Yoel Beniluz, Accounting and Law: The Conflict of Interests Between Stockholders and Debtholders: Exploring a Reverse Wealth Transfer at Sears                                                                              

Elizabeth Ekmekjian, Accounting and Law, Martin Gritsch, Economics, Finance and Global Business, Tricia Snyder, Economics, Finance and Global Business: How Does the $10,000 Cap on State and Local Taxes (SALT) Impact the New Jersey Housing Market?

Myles D. Garvey, Marketing & Management Sciences: Supply Chain Risk Propagation: An Exploratory Simulation Into the Impact of Canonical Supply Network Structure                                           

Ali Mir, Marketing & Management Sciences, Raza Mir, Marketing & Management Sciences: Algorithmic Decision Making: Big Data and Embedded Bias                    

Bahar Ashnai, Professional Sales, Prabakar Kothandaraman, Professional Sales: Does Gender Matter in Salespeople Performance Evaluation and Recruitment?                          

Rahi Abouk, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Effect of E-Cigarette Taxation on Prenatal Smoking and Birth Outcomes                                                          

Robert Laud, Marketing & Management Sciences, Andrey Kretinin, Marketing & Management Sciences, Stephen C. Betts, Marketing & Management Sciences: An Integrated Model for Large-Scale Social Entrepreneurship: Addressing Global Water Supply Problems

Punit Arora, CUNY, Marta Bengoa, CUNY, Priya Nagaraj, Economics, Finance and Global Business: Regulations and Immigrant Entrepreneurship

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, HSS Senior Faculty Research Forum, Atrium 125, 12:30 to 1:45

An interactive, interdisciplinary discussion of recent research findings and creative outcomes from the humanities and social sciences.

Wendy Christensen, Sociology & Criminal Justice, will discuss her recent book, Mothers of the Military: Support and Politics during Wartime

Timothy Liu, English, will read three poems from the final section of his latest book, Luminous Debris: New & Selected Legerdemain (1992-2017)  

Pete Mandik, Philosophy, will share an excerpt from his Future Mind book project  

Lawrence Mbogoni, Africana World Studies, will share findings from his recent book Miscegenation, Identity and Status in Colonial Africa: Intimate Colonial Encounters 

13th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium 

Saturday, April 6, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., University Commons Ballroom

William Paterson University provides this annual forum for undergraduates from the tri-state area to present their original research. Over the years about 30 colleges and universities have participated. The range of subject matter has also expanded and now includes the behavioral, ecological, environmental, health, as well as the original areas of biology, and chemistry.  

Detailed information.

David and Lorraine Cheng Library Authors and
Office of Sponsored Programs Award Recognition 

Thursday, April 18, 3:30 to 5:00 pm, University Commons Ballroom C

CUR - Council on Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Week, April 8 to 12

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