Policy on Pass/ No Credit

Policy on Pass/No Credit Policy
Approved for Fall 2022

Following consultation with the Faculty Senate and the colleges during the Spring 2022 semester, and informed by its application during the pandemic, William Paterson University desires to move forward with a deployment of a Pass/No Credit policy in the following way as an aid to student transition to collegiate study: First Time Freshmen students, enrolled in their first or second semester at WP, may utilize a pass/no credit (P/NC) option for up to two courses per semester. A transfer student with no more than one semester matriculated at another college or university may utilize the P/NC option for one semester for up to two courses.

A student may select the P/NC option to convert one or two course grades of D or F to a P or NC up to two weeks following the deadline for final course grades.1

• D grades will have a P (Pass) grade entered on the transcript.
• F grades will have a NC (No Credit) grade entered on the transcript.
• Students enrolled in a Pass/Fail course may convert an F grade to NC.
• The course credits for a P grade will count toward major, minor, UCC, and graduation
requirements but will not be factored into GPAs.
• The NC grade is similar to an F grade and therefore will not count toward graduation
requirements or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). However, unlike an F grade, the
NC grade is not factored into the GPA.
• FN grades will not be converted to NC grades. The FN grade is entered when a student
stops attending class after 60% of a semester or term is complete and the student has
not withdrawn.
• Some required courses in major programs for which GPA or external exam pass rates
are considered for accreditation purposes (for example, education, nursing, and athletic
training) will not qualify for P/NC conversion. These P/NC exclusions will be designated
in the Academic Catalog entry for these programs.
• This policy does not change minimum grade requirements in place for course
progression (for example, when a minimum grade is required in one course before
taking another) or for merit scholarship requirements.
• This policy does not change what is in place for recognizing strong academic
performance such as for Dean’s List and Latin Honors.2
• Some financial aid and scholarship rules may require the actual letter grade to be used.
In addition, changing a course grade to NC does not prevent a student from losing
financial aid due to lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students request this conversion via WP Connect. Students should discuss near and longer term
implications of such
1 In an extenuating circumstance, Deans may request an extension of the conversion deadline for a bone fide
reason (e.g., instructor late grading, a completed incomplete, a grade appeal). Such requests are forwarded to the
2 Deans’ List: Students carrying a minimum of 12 credits who earn a grade point average of 3.45 or better are
named to the Dean’s List after the completion of the Fall or Spring semester. Courses taken under the pass/fail
option are not counted toward the 12 credit requirement. Graduating students who have completed at least 45
credits—not including credits earned with pass/fail grades—at WP, and who graduate with a final grade point
average of 3.45 or better for all undergraduate courses, are recognized as Latin Honor students.