Global War On Terrorism Waiver

Students who served on the War on Global Terrorism are entitled to a tuition-only waiver while attending courses, full or part time. 

This information must be on the students DD-214.

The waiver is applied after submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and all federal and state grants are deducted from the tuition (if any).

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are currently receiving 100% Chapter 33 benefits are not entitled to the GWOT waiver (except for summer and winter classes for current students receiving Post 9/11). If receiving less than 100%, the GWOT will cover the percentage not covered.

Global War on Terrorism veterans must meet certain qualifications to participate in the program:

  1. The member has completed Initial Active Duty Training and be in good standing
  2. The member has been accepted to pursue a course of undergraduate or graduate study and is enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at William Paterson University and is in good standing.
  3. The student exhausted his/her military benefits. Except for summer and winter classes for current students receiving Chapter 33.
  4. The member has applied for all available State student grants and scholarships and all available federal student grants and scholarships for which the member is eligible. The waiver will be reduced by any grant or scholarship awards.
  5. The GWOT tuition waiver will cover only tuition, please contact us to learn about additional fees. 

Note: As of spring 2022, the WGOT tuition waiver is not applicable for fully Online Programs.