National Student Exchange Program


National Student Exchange (NSE) is a study away opportunity that allows WPU undergraduates to spend a semester or year at a member school in the United States, U.S. Territory (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), or Canada while paying WPU tuition and fees. NSE is a network of over 180 Colleges and universities, mostly public, which allows students to supplement their curriculum and life experiences across the United States. Schools in Puerto Rico provide instruction in Spanish and certain schools in Canada provide instruction in French, allowing foreign language major opportunities to enhance their skills. 


  • Undergraduate matriculation at WP, full-time, in the semester before and throughout your exchange.

  • Have completed a minimum of one semester of full-time (min. 12 credits) by the application deadline. Transfer credits are not considered.

  • Sophomore standing or above at the time of exchange.

  • Have a 2.5 minimum cumulative WP GPA. 

  • Good disciplinary and academic standing. 

  • Must not be on probation, or parole, or have any pending legal judgments. 

  • Two letters of recommendation from your professors must be sent directly to the student and uploaded to the student's account.

Financial Aid

Students participating in NSE programs can keep all applicable federal and state financial aid except Federal Work Study. NJ State aid cannot be used for an NSE program. Make sure you check the NSE website for additional scholarship eligibility. 

Host Payment
For eligible students exchanging under Host Payment, federal financial aid is awarded by, and disbursed from your home campus.

Home Payment
For eligible students exchanging under Home Payment, federal financial aid is awarded by, and disbursed from the home campus. College Work Study aid will not be available for students away on exchange, however, non-CWS employment may be available.

FAFSA If exchanging under Home Payment, list only the FAFSA code for your home campus. Do not list the FAFSA code for your exchange site(s). This could result in an over-award and financial aid error.

Exchange to Canada
Students who participate in a program in Canada through NSE may be required to obtain a visa to enter and study there. Therefore, you are advised to check with your NSE host institution to get detailed instructions regarding requirements. 

Other Aid Sources
If you are receiving VA Benefits, private, state-based, or institutional-based grants, scholarships, or fee remission for tuition, housing, and/or meals, check with your NSE coordinator and/or home campus financial aid office to determine the use of such aid for exchange under Host Payment or Home Payment. Some forms of aid may be portable on exchange while others may not.

Some NSE colleges and universities offer international/study abroad programs that can be accessed through the National Student Exchange. NSE lists these study abroad opportunities as a service to our member institutions and interested students. NSE accepts no responsibility or liability for the quality of the programs listed or the services provided.

Will the Courses I take at My Host Campus be applied to my WPU Degree Program?

Yes! You will work closely with your WP academic advisor to determine exactly how your host campus courses will be applied to your WP degree program. WP students must enroll in a minimum equivalent of 12-semester credits and must not exceed the host school maximum allowed through the NSE Home Payment plan as advertised on the host school profile. 

When Do I find out if I'm Accepted? Once the placements have been arranged, your WPU NSE coordinator will contact you to let you know where you have been placed. 

Apply now Start Online Application All students are required to pay a non-refundable $150 application fee when submitting their applications for review through the NSE website. 

All application forms must be submitted by the deadline:

Fall, Following Spring or Full Academic Year: February 15

Students who apply by this deadline will receive priority placement consideration for their first, second, and third choices for the following, Academic Year and next Spring. 

Spring of Current Academic Year: November 1

Students may apply before November 1 for placement Spring semester placement during the current academic year. Placement options will be limited as only some schools will have spaces left for Spring.

Questions? Send us an email at Study Abroad  Do Not Wait! Please begin exploring visa/resident permit requirements as soon as you know where you are going.