Undergraduate English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement for Education Majors

This 15-credit** program prepares only teacher candidates in any certification area to teach English to dual language learners.  Schools all over the state provide ESL instruction to dual language learners and this endorsement program provides the certification needed by teacher candidates to teach ESL.

  • Required courses include:
  • LANG 1120      Understanding Human Language (3 credits) (also meets UCC area 3c)
  • LANG 3050      The Structure of Language (3)
  • LANG 3070      Introduction to Second Language Acquisition (3)
  • LANG 3400      The Social and Psychological Processes of Multiculturalism and Acculturation (3)
  • LANG 3410      Integrating Language and Content in the English Language Classroom (3)

**Teacher candidates seeking the ESL endorsement must pass the oral and written proficiency tests in English in order to qualify for the endorsement; 9 of these credits count toward a minor in Linguistics.