Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics


Linguistics is an 18-credit interdisciplinary minor at William Paterson University focused on the study of language from various perspectives and disciplines.

Faculty from across the University serve the program through their diverse expertise, permitting students in many different programs to relate the study of linguistics to their primary majors.

A minor in linguistics can be both intellectually rewarding and practical. A background in linguistics develops knowledge about the human capacity to acquire and use language, as well as about the formal systems that make up human and artificial languages. A background in linguistics will develop your ability to understand and analyze many facets of language and communication. This ability can be applied to the study, for example, of English grammar and style, or of foreign languages, or of child and adult speech and language acquisition. Linguistics can illuminate language diversity and change or serve to make sense of computer science and logic.


A minor in linguistics will directly benefit students majoring in speech language pathology, english, foreign languages, philosophy, communication, education, anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, liberal studies, and computer science.


Because it is so wide-ranging, linguistics is an excellent minor for those planning on applying to graduate school.


For more information about the Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics, contact Professor Judy B. Bernstein in the Department of Languages and Cultures, Atrium 235, or at 973-720-2807 or at

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