Student Academic Support

Science Enrichment Center »

The SEC is a collaborative effort between the faculty and staff of the College of Science and Health. We offer a wide range of face-to-face and online academic services and resources.

Nursing Enrichment and Tutoring Center »

The Nursing Enrichment and Tutoring Center offers a variety of help on the most frequently asked questions. Tutors and faculty conduct workshops through out the school year. The schedule for these classes are listed on the class bulletin boards as well as outside University Hall room 214.

Computer Science Learning Center »

Students with excellent academic records, strong communicative skills, diligence/dedication and amiable disposition are selected every semester to be mentors/tutors. These tutors are usually juniors or seniors. They provide academic support in many Computer Science courses and subjects.

Mathematics Learning Center »

Located in Science Hall East Room #3036, the Mathematics Learning Center provides academic support in many Mathematics courses and subjects.

University Academic Success Center »

The Academic Success Center works collaboratively with members of the University to tailor and cater to the needs of the student population. At our facility, students receive both one-on-one, and group-oriented tutoring assistance for a wide range of lower-level and upper-level courses; as well as for developmental skills for mathematics and reading courses.