The State Ethics Commission’s training plan requires that newly-hired or appointed State employees complete the Commission’s comprehensive ethics training program within 60 days of commencement of their State employment or office. Thereafter, State employees and officers must complete comprehensive ethics training every three calendar years.

In any year in which an employee or officer does not receive comprehensive ethics training, he or she is required to complete the ethics briefing.

The ethics training program is available on the Commission’s website at the following link: A link is also available on the Employee Applications menu on WP Connect.

The ethics briefing may be accessed through the following link:

At the end of the training program, employees will be prompted to enter their name, title, department and University email address.  A receipt confirming completion of the training program will be sent to the employee from the State Ethics Commission.  Confirmations should then be forwarded to

All ethics training is entered in the employee’s training record.  Employees may access their training transcript via the “My Training” link on the Employee Applications menu through WP Connect to review their completion of either training program.

If you are not sure whether you completed the training and/or should take the briefing, please check your “My Training” record or contact the Office of Employee Relations.